With a bike, one week in the Swiss Alps. September 2005

Day 1 from Bremgarten to Walenstadt. 101,20 km.

Up the Reuss-Valley, over the Hirzel (small pass), and along the lake of Zürich, to Walenstadt. It is a nice trip with a blue sky and hardly any wind.

During the afternoon I put up my tent beside Richard's. He is from England. He started his trip two months ago in Stockholm. Cycling via Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria to Switzerland. His goal is, cycling to Portugal. On campsites I often meet people who cycle for months through the world. Of course we have plenty of topics to talk about

Day 2 from Walenstadt to Davos 77.78 km.



The landscape till Landquart is flat. Here I have a breather before the next 1100 metre difference in altitude. The street is perfect and the next few kilometers lead through forest on cycle paths.

After 30 kilometers upstream the river Landquart with a moderate gradient, I arrive in Klosters. The next 6 kilometres my cycle-computer reads 10%.

Check in to the Youth Hostel in Davos includes a free bus ticket for county Davos. Very useful in such a long village like Davos.

Day 3 from Davos to Sta.Maria in vally Müstair. 70,57 km.



No trees on this height


On the summit smal lakes

Coulor of lakes in the alps

Pass dal Fuorn

Sta. Maria in val Mustair

Today I have to cross over two passes, the Flüela and Ofenpass (Pass dal Fuorn). After 14 km. I reach the Flüelapass at 2383 meters. 13 Km steep down in Susch people are still busy rebuilding the devastation caused by the bad weather in August.

After lunch in Zernez I veer to the left for the Ofenpass. In Ova-Spin, I enter the National-Park, it seems to be on the Summit but my cycle-computer tells me, it can't be. Instead of up, it goes down for about 5 km. till Punt la Dossa. To the right is a 5 km. tunnel to Italy leading. But I want to go to the top of the Ofenpass, which I reach after 10 km. at an altitude of 2149 m.

The blue sky, good road with little traffic and the beautiful run down makes up for the effort of the climb. In the youth-hostel in Sta.Maria I find out that rain is coming, particularly in the south so I have to change my direction. Instead of South I will go to the north tomorrow.

Day 4 from Sta.Maria to Zernez 97.68 km.

 Between Mustair and Sta.Maria

  Italy !!!


 Reschenpass / Lago di Rèsia

A few miles through Austria

 The river Inn in Unterengardin.

After a good breakfast the road leads me to Süd Tirol fantastic weather continuing. I can't believe to be in Italy. The signposts are written in both languages but people speak German with each other.

From Laatsch a cyclepath leads about 20 km. to Reschen/Rèsia. I stay on the west side of the Etsch/Adige and Reschensea/Lago di Rèsia. The road without hairpin bends is very steep. A average of 9% but sometimes 15% to 17%. If that is too steep you have to go on the east side of the river and sea, sharing the street with cars.

It is fantastic to ride through pine forest along the Reschensea. On the Reschenpass I enter Austria. In Nauders I take the turn left and with steep hairpin turns I am in Switzerland again. (Unterengardin).

In Zernetz I put up my tent and hope tomorrow will be another fine day.

Day 5 on the return journey and waiting for better weather.

Over night the temperature has fallen to 0 degree at 1500 meter. All passes in Graubünden are over 2000 m. I have to stay here and wait for a few days or take the train to go home. It is Saturday and I decide to go home.

I would have had to wait till Tuesday to continue my tour. After 3 days at home the weather is fine again. On Thursday evening I arrive in St. Moritz youth-hostel.


Day 6 from St. Moritz to Trun in Vorderrhein 117.78 km.

  Lake of Silvaplana still cloudy


   On summit, cloudless

    Lake of Marmorera


   The Rhine at Versam

In Silvaplana the ascent starts immediately, 9% over 7 km. till the Julierpass of 2248m. altitude. I have to wait half an hour to let the fog disappear.

Back to the east I overlook the clouds, somewhere under the clouds must be Silvaplana and I am “on cloud nine” if I look to the blue sky in the west.

On the summit is also the watershed. The water flowing east arrives via Inn and Danube at the Black Sea. Water flowing west arrives at the North Sea in Holland. I change my wet clothes and put on my windbreaker before going down the slope.

Via Tiefencastel, Thusis to Bonaduz is a difference in altitude of 1620 m. A fantastic ride without hardly pedaling. In Bonaduz I take the right side of the Rhine. It is more exhausting but hardly any traffic.

Trun,where I put up my tent, reminds me of my canoeing times. Once a year all Swiss-canoe clubs met here for one week white-water canoeing.

Day 7 from Trun to Andermatt 45.67 km.

Today I have to go up 1200 m. to the source of the Rhine. (Oberalppass). After 20 km. I arrive in Sedrun. From Erstfeld to Bodio they're building the longest train-tunnel of the world (57km.) In Sedrun they made an 800m. shaft and dig to the North and South. Once trains will go through with a speed of up to 250 km/h. It is possible because the highest point is only 550m. In the museum you can see how they work, get on and a lot of other information. It is extremely interesting, I almost forget that I also have to do hard work, 550m. altitude still waiting for me, with bicycle and 15 kilo luggage. You will find the present state of things under www.alptransit.ch. (For English on the top right)

From the Oberalppass to Andermatt it is only 11km. Steep but a good road. It's a pity that I forgot my sunglasses, now the sun is so low, and the wind, both of which cause tears in my eyes when I reach Andermatt.

   The road bends sharply



< Andermatt. Slope to Andermatt ^


The tunnel goes right underneath those mountains. 57 km.

Day 8 from Andermatt to Meiringen. 70.93 km.


The frozen morning dew made my tent stiff. The sun is still behind the mountains, so I have to pack it wet.

The ascent is in the beginning moderate. The hairpin bends begin in Realp with 10%. When my bike-computer shows 2400m. I know the summit is not far away. The Furkapass is not spectacular, but the descent fantastic.

On the right I see the Rhone glacier and straight ahead, 700m. lower, Gletsch and the hairpin bends of the Grimsel. Just at Lunchtime I reach Gletsch.

I find a good place to dry my tent, while I take the national dish of the alps “Aelplermaccaronie”. After lunch I start for the Grimselpass (2164m). On top I have a spectacular view of the sea and mountains. On the descent there are a few tunnels. On my new bike “randonneur of Koga-Miyata” the light automatic switch on if it is to dark, very practical with tunnels.

      Up the mountain


      and down again

Down the Furka and up t. Grimsel

 Hotel Belvedere and Roneglacie

      Steam engine in Gletsch


Grimsel with relief model 

 Up to the summit of the Grimsel


     A look back at Gletsch

Day 9 from Meiringen to Bremgarten. 94.41 km.

Only one little pass for the last day. The Brünnig 1007m. To get over the Brünnig means 400m. ascent at 9%. The traffic tells me that I leave the high alps and come into the landscape of rolling hills. Via lake of Lucerne I am back in Bremgarten in the afternoon.

     Artificial lake of the Grimsel


             Lake of Lungeren