The German Alpine Road extends from Lindau at Lake Constanz to Berchtesgaden at Lake Königssee.
It's a great track, but it is intended to be a car and motorcycle road.
I want to find out how far I can cycle on roads for cyclists.

Day 1 Wednesday 05 Aug.2015 .....Bremgarten - Schönengrund (AR)

Km. 103.88
Time: 5:48
Height 1,515 m.

Zug with Lake Zug in the background.

A bronze sculpture by Salvador Dali in Lachen am See.

Vis-a-vis of Kurt stands a small chapel.

Kurt has bought a Triumph vintage 1958th.

I pass on Grynau Castle.

The cheese dairy from Ricken.

On the first part of today's journey I'm going to my friends Roswitha and Kurt in Tuggen. It is half the distance of the day.
I am invited to lunch.
I ride with bright blue sky up the Reuss valley toward Mettmenstetten, then over the Hirzel Pass to Lake Zurich and I arrive at Tuggen around noon.
I have a warm welcome after almost a year. Shower and a delicious lunch are waiting. Kurt has sold his old scooter in exchange for a vintage Triumph motorcycle (1958), a beautiful specimen with a beautiful tone with which he blessed the area.

To reach the valley Toggenburg, I have to go over the Ricken pass. I am pleased with the many cycle paths.

In Uznach I cross the Linthkanal that's teeming with swimmers and sunbathers.
I'll drive past historic Castle Grynau before I start the Rickenpass and arrive on the other side of the Pass in Toggenburg valley.
The third and final pass for Today starts in Lichtensteig and is called Wasserfluh. (150m.)
I turn in on a quiet camping in Schönengrund.

In serpentines from Ricken to Wattwil.

After the Wasserfluh pass, I cycle direction Appenzell with its scattered houses.

In the distance I see the Säntis, highest mountain in north-east Switzerland.

Day 2 Thursday 06. Aug.2015 .....Schönengrund - Lindau.

Km. 85.65 Total 189.53
Time: 4:27
Height 483 Total 1,998

In Waldstadt I turn right to Urnäsch and I see the Säntis in the distance (2502 m.)
Urnäsch is not breathtaking, but beautiful enough filled with neat cottages.

On the way to Urnäsch.

The town of Urnäsch (typical Appenzell architectural style).

Looking back at Urnäsch.

In Appenzell I have a coffee break and sightseeing. Watching the place where each year elections are held. Appenzell I. Rh belongs to the few cantons where main political decisions are taken by an open air annually meeting.
I don't know Appenzell, Innenrrohden nor Aussenrrhoden but I am excited about the scattered farmhouses architecture and the hilly landscape.

The square in Appenzell where each year the "Landsgemainde" elections takes place.

A pair images from

the city of Appenzell

with Mauritius church.

Via Geis and Stoss (Small Pass and Independence battlefield of St.Gallen and the Habsburgs 1405) I arrive in Altstätten. Here I have a lunch break, while I look on my map for the cycle path to Bregenz.
Directly on the lake in Bregenz with a view on the festival stage, I enjoy a cup of coffee. There is a water jetty from which young people plunges into the water.
For entertainment, a zeppelin hovers just above the festival stage.
I continue the route along Lake Constance to the camping in Lindau.

Review of Appenzell.

The town Geis in typical Appenzell architectural style.

From Stoss to Altstätten in the Rhine Valley.

Along the Rhine towards Bregenz.

I'm not alone.

With around 30 degrees, it is a pleasure.

Festival stage in Bregenz with Zeppelin

Along the lake towards Lindau.

Also on the Camping I am not alone. It's August and ideal cycle weather.

Day 3 Friday 07. Aug.2015 .....Lindau - Sonthofen

Km. 81.64 Total 271.17
Time: 4:47
Height. 937 Total 2935

The island of Lindau

with harbor and houses

in style of the late Middle Ages.

Harbor on the island of Lindau on Lake Constance.

Old Town Hall.

I cycle 4 to 5 kilometers along the lake of Konstanz to the island of Lindau, the official start of the German Alpine Road.
I am positively surprised by Lindau's island. It has a beautiful harbor, medieval houses and on this early morning is still free of tourists.
My Bike-GPS leads me through the Westallgäu via Niederstaufen, Heimkirchen to Simmerberg. Here I turn to the east on a quiet road via Genhofen and Kalzhofen (L14) to avoid the highway to Oberreute and Oberstaufen.
From the bike path, in the distance, I see, for the first time, the official German Alpine Road.
I hear the cars whiz past. I stay on the bike path that leads north of Lake Alpsee to Immenstadt. It is teeming with bathers along the lake.

Kalzhofen (bypassing 308)

The Alpsee shortly before Immenstadt.


The cycle up the river Iller until Sonthofen

The first painted houses, so typical of southern Bavaria

The old Oberjoch road ^

I'm doing sightseeing through the old town and have a further 10 kilometers of gravel road to Sonthofen. I'm surprised that the camping is only for campers and I see actually no tents. The chief said he had really no place for my tent. The next Camping River is in Oberdorf 10 Km. Upstream and tomorrow 10 Km back.
He probably felt sorry for me when I've asked him to use the little corner next to the electrical box. OK, he says, and so I can connect my e-bike directly at the E-box.
Conclusion of the day; I cycled not one meter on the highway 308 but on many cycle roads. Temperature on my bike computer is between 30 and 35 degrees. Of course my bike computer gets a lot of sun, as well as I do!

Day 4 Saturday 08 Aug.2015 .....Sonthofen - Bannwaldsee (Schwangau)

Km. 63.56 Total 334.73
Time: 3:49
Height 657 Total 3,592

I cycle to Bad Hindelang and have breakfast in order to be full of energy to attack the Oberjochpass, a small pass of 250 meters difference in altitude.
First, I took the old Jochstrasse which is unfortunately only partially paved. I made it up to halfway. Then I decided to take the main road because the rear wheel is spinning on the gravel. Luckily, it's still early and the traffic is kept within limits.
Almost arrived above, there is a kiosk with viewing platform from where I have a fantastic look back at Bad Hindelang and some switchbacks.

Oberjochpass at Bad Hindelang.

Review of Bad Hindelang.

Wonderful cycle paths beside the main road.

Weissensee in Fussen. Again, separate cycle paths.

Nesselwang St. Andrew's Church

Looking back at Pfronten

In Wertach I turn right along Grünten-lake to Nesselwang. The St. Andrew's Church in Nesselwang is pretty big for such a small village.
After 6 Km I'm in Pfronten, buy something for lunch, looking for a cozy place for lunch at the northern side of Lake Weissensee.
As I drive down to the lake, I have to turn to the left. I realize too late the fact that exactly in the curve the covering of asphalt changes to fine gravel. Before I realized I am lying crosswise on the gravel. My front wheel slipped away. In such cases I have sanitizer with me. I go slightly limp but cycling is fine.

High Castle Füssen.

Fairytale castle Neuschwanstein.

Church St. Coloman.

I'm doing a little tour of the town of Fussen and continue to the campsite at Bannwaldsee in Schwangau. To my right I see that fairy-tale castle of Ludwig II with the mountains of Schwangau as background. A little further I pass the baroque church of St.Colomans. Both buildings are among the most famous sights in Bavaria.
It's early, so I decided to use the washer and dryer which are still available.
After 4 days with such a heat it is high time do the laundry.

Day 5 Sunday 09 Aug. 2015 .....Bannwaldsee - Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Km. 67.66 Total 402.39
Time: 3:37
Height 545 Total 4,137

It is a huge campsite. There was a big party, because yesterday was Saturday evening, entertainment program for children and a band for adults.
Nevertheless, I am ready to start at 08:00. After 10 Km, I see in the small village Trauchgau a bakery with coffee, tables and chairs. Freshly baked bread with all sorts of fine things in between is available.

The Bannwaldsee,

where I stayed.

The Allgäuer Alps

Every few kilometers a lake.

What you can do with a chainsaw.

A Giant Maypole

In Steingaden I take the Romantic Road to Echelsbacher Bridge over the Ammer Gorge. On this bridge I'm back on the alpine road.
In Altenau I have lunch on a football field with changing cubicles, table and benches. Even electricity is available but I don't need it because I'm always starting in the morning with a filled thermos flask of boiling water, for soup or soluble Coffee.

Today I ride both streets.

< The maypole in a different way.

Rest area with bench and table and even electricity.

< Echelsbacher bridge over the Ammer Gorge.

The nearest major town is Oberammergau, renowned for its Passion Play (Inhabitants play every 10 years the Passion of Christ). Here I hold on for a while, admire the typical Allgäu'sche painted houses with Christian and everyday life motifs.
After only 4 Km. I pass the Ettal monastery. A huge baroque monastery church. I have to watch from the inside, of course.

Fantastic painted facades.

Oberammergau, Festival house.

Oberammergau chapel in traditional costume.

I cycle a few switchbacks down to Oberau. From there I follow the river Loisach upwards via Garmisch-Partenkirchen Camping "Zugspitze" in Grainach.
The campsite is on three sides encircled by the river Loisach and on the background the highest mountain in Germany can be seen, the Zugspitze.

The baroque Benedictine monastery Ettal is located just a few kilometers south-east of Oberammergau.

It's hot and a shower makes me feel well. When I come out of the shower it begins to drop. I have maybe 50 meters to my tent. The last few meters I have to hurry because it starts pouring.

If you like baroque this is a place to enjoy.

Day 6 Monday 10. Aug. 2015 .....Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Tegernsee

Km. 80.06 Total 482.45
Time: 4:15
Height 615 Total 4,752

When I cycle through Partenkirchen, I look forward to the beautiful bike paths towards Mittenwald. In Kleis I miss the turnoff to Mittenwald and end up in Krün. From here I would have to cycle on the main road to Mittenwald. I don't like that. Instead, I opt for a coffee break on the other side of the road where I see a shopping center with a bakery.

From the Camping you see the Zugspitze.

Garmisch -


In the countryside from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Mittenwald.

I cycle 4 Km. northern to Wallgau and I turn right along the river Isar. It is a toll road, with a charge of 4 Euros per car; therefore it is almost empty.

From Wallgau you can see on the Wettersteingebirge.


< The toll road, Wallgau - Vorderriss

After 25 Km. the Isar flows into the Sylvensteinsee (artifical lake). On my way to the Achenpass (940m) I pass a small stream. I have everything for a midday meal, non-alcoholic beer included. I look for a shallow place where I can cool my feet in the water during the meal. After a great dessert, the slope starts to Achenpass.

The Isar flows

into the Sylvenstein reservoir.

A cooling does well.

Near the Austrian border.

Sanitary facilities at the campsite with cross on the roof.

Tegernsee in the early morning.

Until shortly before the Austrian border it is a gravel road, then I return to the alpine road. The remaining next 20 Km I stay on the 307 to camping Reitrain am Tegernsee.

Day 7 Tuesday 11. Aug. 2015 .....Tegernsee - Walchsee (Kössen)

Km. 80.00 Total 562.45
Time: 4:15
Height 957 Total 5,709

I cycle on the western side of Lake Tegernsee to Gmund with the morning dew hovering over the lake. I leave the lake towards the east, over a small ridge to Hausham and Schliersee. Here I find a bakery and buy my lunch in a shopping chain.


Ideal picnic spot in Bayrischzell.

Climb to Sudelfeldpass.


Down to the Inn.

Hilly landscape.

After 20 Km I reach Bayrischzell, look at that little town in more detail and find a nice place to picnic, even with running water.
A small slope begins in Bayrischzell to Sudelfeld (Pass) (350 meters altitude).

Very nice to cycle through the countryside with separate cycle lanes

I roar down to the diversion Tatzelwurm. Left is a toll road to Brannenburg (German Alpine Road) and right the Tatzelwurmroad to Oberaudorf. I can imagine that the name comes from the 10 Km. constantly meandering road. It is great to drive on this road.

Crossing the river Inn and border with Austria. Approximately 8 Km. north of Kufstein.

The village of Walchsee with lake of the same name.

The camping at the outlet of Lake Walchsee

In Oberaudorf I cross the river Inn and also the border with Austria.
Yet a little raising and I' am at the lake Walchsee. There are 3 campsites on this small lake. Through the campsite flows very slowly the outflow of the lake. It is ideal for cooling down.

Day 8 Wednesday 12.aug.2015 .....Walchsee - Königsee Berchtesgaden = end of the Alpine road.

Km. 87.01 Total 649.46
Time: 4:45
Height 916 Total 6,625

The campsite in the evening and in the

morning with a view of the Keiser Mountains

Breakfast and Shopping in Kössen.

Kössen is reached in 5 Km. Breakfast is at a bakery and shopping for the day in a supermarket.
Yet remains 5 Km. in Austria then the imaginary boundary comes to Germany.
In Reit im Winkel I come back on the alpine road which I left yesterday at the Tazelwurmroad.
Now comes after Rupolding a 20 Km long stretch. On the left and right are many lakes. Since almost no traffic, it is a pleasure to cycle this road.

Kössen with Tiroler Ache.

Reit im Winkel, in Germany again.

On the way from Ruhpolding to Sulzbach.

The water is very clear and it is teeming with fishes. So much fish makes the heart of each fishermen beat hard.
In Unterjettenberg I see a sign with gradient of 12% over 6 Km. When arriving at the top, 868 m, I have to say that there are maybe 2 small distances with 12% but the rest is much less. The difference in altitude is 350 meters.

Left and right of the road

a lot of lakes with clear water and

to catch fish.

The lakes have different colors.

A small chapel somewhere along the way.

The last pass of this trip.

In Berchtesgaden I cycle to the tourist info. I get a map of the area with the 2 campsites that are closer to the Königssee.
I just have to follow the outflow of Lake Königssee and already I find the campground, about 5 minutes walk to the Lake.

Berchtesgadener Land

Goal achieved.


Vis-a-vis of the camping.

The outflow from the Koenigssee

5 Km. from Berchtesgaden to Konigssee.

The Koenigssee, approx. 8 Km. Long. Enclosed by high mountains. The end can only be reached by boat.

Day 9 Thursday 13. Aug. 2015 .....Berchtesgaden - Salzburg - The train to Zurich - Bike home.

Km 59.57 Total 709.03
Time: 3: 03 (bike) 7:08 (train)
Height 240 Total 6,865

There are just 4 km. back to the info in Berchtesgaden. Now I just have to follow the Königssee-Ache which flows into the Salzach shortly before Salzburg. There are 2 bike paths, the first is for mountain bikers and I take the 2nd, Mozart cycle way along Köningssee-Ache.
It's simpler but I reach a point where I don't know which way to take. On a cross I get off my bike and ask a woman next to me where the river is.
She says follow me; we ride on bike paths, through woods and suddenly I see again the Königssee-Ache. Now I find the way alone and say goodbye to her. She has even made a detour to show me their home mountain.

Along the Königsee Ache

until Salzburg

is only 30 km.

Here flows the Königsseeache into the Salzach.

The former bulwark, Episcopal power in Salzburg.

On the other side of Berchtesgaden. Recorded in the train to Zurich.

When I arrive to the city, it is again boiling hot. I want to remain one day to see the city.
First I'm going to the station to ask about the trains. At the counter of the train station the woman said the next train, with only one change, leaves in three quarters of an hour.
I have not enough time to make a decision so I quickly decide to postpone the visit to the city to another time.
3 minutes time to change trains in Schwarzach are not much but it's on the same platform.
I didn't have to worry at all while changing trains, luckily some people helped me with the luggage and even the guard helped me with the bike.