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Cycling-Tour from 20th June to 6th July 2012
Reuss, Aare (ch) Wutach, Neckar, Rhine, Main, Tauber, Jagst, Danube, Steina. (de)

Mellingen at the Reuss, the first town after 10 Km.

Königsfelden in Windisch, famous for its beautiful stained glass from the 14th century.

Klingnauer artifical lake which flows into the Rhine.

Wednesday June 20th, 2012 Bremgarten - Stühlingen
73 Kilometer
Height 571m.

We start in Bremgarten at the Reuss and cycle towards Donaueschingen the source of the Danube, our starting point for a round along rivers in southern Germany.
Via Mellingen we reach Brugg, where the river Reuss flows into the Aare. We have a break at the lakeshore, a reservoir of the Aare.
5 km further is the border to Germany, Koblenz / Waldshut, we cross the Border over the Rhine bridge, and cycle up the Wutach valley, which is the outflow of Lake Titisee.
I want to park my bike, but the ground is slightly inclined. The whole weight of my luggage presses on the kick stand and it breaks. This mishap is very limited, in Lauchringen I buy a new stand and in a few minutes I have it mounted.
We cycle up to Stühlingen and pitch our tent on the camping.

Wooden bridge across the Wutach

A chapel at Eberfingen

City Hall in Stühlingen

Thursday 21st June 2012 - Stühlingen - Rottweil
Km --76.57 total 149.57
Height. 674 total -1.245

A meeting with like-minded

A tricycle driver added

Once we cross the border, it comes to our attention of the many roofs equipped with solar cells

An ascent with about 15%

On such we cope well with 15%

After Futzen we take a breather

Today, June 21st, is the longest day of the year. The sun rises very early and the temperature is great.
In Blumberg we have to climb a short but pretty steep mountain road (15%) and it makes us sweat profusely, despite electrical support.
On a small bridge we meet 2 touring cyclists. A tricycle driver is added later on and we discuss about bikes and travelling.
It is again very steep, but now on a gravel road. The wheels are spinning and Rika (my sister) has to push her bike. Luckily the Flyer (Swiss Bike) has an additional support to push the bike up the hill.

So many solar panels generate a lot of energy

Instead of wine here is energy harvested

In Donaueschingen I make a few photos from the source of the Danube. There are 2 underground inflows one is the Brigach and the other Breg, two rivers from the Black Forest.
It is not easy to find the way through the Brigachtal to Schwenningen, the way leads through an industrial district. A cyclist helps us to find the way and once on the right track it goes by itself.
There are not even as much as 15 miles to the next source, the one of the Neckar in Schwenningen. Between the Danube and Neckar source we are on the watershed, the water of the Danube flows eastwards to the Black Sea and the Neckar to the north into the North Sea.

It looks like soybeans

The official source of the Danube

A Long Road

The source of the Neckar

To read click on the image


After more than 20 additional miles on beautiful bike paths, we reach Rottweil. We get an accommodation from the tourist office.
Our guide is the tour book of Bike Line, the Neckar River Bike Trail.
Rottweil is a very quaint town. There are some sculptures of Rottweil dogs. They were bred here.
It is a very hot day, around 30 degrees and the air is very humid. Therefore, we enjoy the shower.

Wildflowers need poor soil

Main road in Rottweil

Are these Rottweiler dogs come from here?

Awakening to the new day

City Gate in Rottweil

The Neckar Valley

Friday June 22th 2012 - Rottweil - Tübingen
Km --87.23 total 236.80
Height 218 total --1,463

Swollen by the night's rain

The official bike path sign.

Wooden bridge over the still young river

Carries a lot of sediment with it

Quiet and beautiful cycling routes

The "Waldhornbrücke" in Sulz

Last night the weather has raged. The Neckar is full and the color of the water brown.
We go into the city for sightseeing; yesterday we had no desire for a stroll.
We have to find the bike path anyway, which runs through the center of the city.
The Bike-Line tour book selects the best cycle paths through woods and fields, up and down.
In Sulz at the Waldhorn Bridge we make our first coffee break. The creek has already grown to a river.
It is nice that the bakeries in Germany usually have a coffee corner. A great selection of coffee and an even greater selection of fresh sweets which sometimes are so big that I have trouble to decide with which one I start.
On beautifully paved bike paths we come to Horb, a small town situated on a slope.
Most shopping malls are selling meal-salad in transparent plastic container. The selection is usually good, Greek or Italian salad with different ingredients such as cheese, ham, eggs, and the dressing is packed separately. This is ideal, easy to digest as lunch for cyclists.
The next snack stop is in Rottenburg, one of the oldest inhabited places in Baden-Württemberg.
Now it is not far to the campsite in Tübingen. Weather is so nice that we decide to camp.
Fortunately, the campsite has its own restaurant, the city is too far away and we schedule to visit it tomorrow.

Paved bike path

To see the flowers click on the picture to enlarge

Horb am Neckar is located on the slopes

On both sides of the Neckar it gets hillier


A little water from a tributary

Saturday 23th June 2012 - Tuebingen - Bad Cannstatt. (Frankfurt)
Km. -69.96 total 306.76
Height.167 total --1.430

In Tübingen it goes up and down

It gets wider and wider

A relatively new bridge

In Nürtingen a celebration is going on

A part of the morning is spent in Tübingen, university town from the 15th century.
It is partly located on the hillside with a lot of stairs. The best way to discover the city, leave the bike down and continue on foot.
On quiet and mostly asphalted paths we travel along small lakes and come through pretty towns and villages such as Pliezhausen Neckartenzlingen and Neckartailfingen.
A celebration is held in Nürtingen. We watch for a while a boat race on the River Neckar. To get through to the center with our bikes is impossible, so we make our first stop at a park on the banks of the Danube.

To ride through a beautiful landscape with nice weather is a pleasure

Boat Race in Nürtingen

Bridge at Plochingen

Sometimes gravel but ride able

Here the river is yet wide

The bike path in Plochingen leads us along the pedestrian route to the colorful Hundertwasser rain tower. From Plochingen on, the Neckar is navigable for larger ships; one can see different flagged ships.
We are now approaching Frankfurt and I fear heavy traffic. None of this is true, there is a bike lane and we have nothing to do with motorized traffic. A few kilometers outside the city, I ask a cyclist if he knows where the campground in Bad Cannstatt is. That's good he says it's on my way and he offers us to lead us to the campground. Located near the campsite is the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The word Bad Cannstatt, can be put down to the fact of warm, carbonated mineral springs.

A work of Hundertwasser in Plochinen

A small power plant

Far left a cycle path

From Plochingen on, the river is navigable

for larger vessels. .............A covered bridge

More and more vineyards are seen

Sunday 24th June 2012 - Bad Cannstatt - Heilbronn
Km. -82.91 total 389.67
Height 236 total --1.666


Birthplace of Friedrich Schiller


Some pictures from the Schiller town Marbach

The Neckar cycle path separates the river from the campground, so we can continue with our cycling trip.
It looks like we will have a nice sunny day. We can wrap our tent in dry condition.
We come to the city Marbach, the Friedrich Schiller town. The writer of the Swiss national hero "William Tell" was born in Marbach.
A pretty little town with half-timbered houses became a town A.D.1200.
The landscape changes, it gets hilly, the valley narrows and the slopes are planted with vines. I have not expected so many vines.


Sluice Besigheim


We cycle through villages with half-timbered houses as Besigheim, Gemmrigheim and Kirchheim. In the latter village we make a break at an Italian ice cream shop. With such beautiful weather (30 degrees) ice cream is just right now.
A group of about 10 cyclists, all with electric support, already enjoy their ice cream. Almost all of them have a new electric bike and are thrilled with their bicycle support. They want to know how our support has proven after 2 years with some 1000 kilometers. I'm pleased to say that I don't notice any big loss of power and the range is the same as two year ago.
We decide to stay at the DJH (Youth Hostel) because dark clouds are appearing in the sky.
To get through the city is not easy, there is a triathlon. With my navigation device (converted to bike modus), it is easy to get to the DJH.
East of the River Neckar runs the Württemberg wine route.

On the eastside of the Neckar is the Württemberg wine road , you see on this picture why


At this cove the Neckar is already so wide that you can sail

Kilian Church. The tower was the first major building in the Renaissance

Monday 25th June 2012 - Heilbronn - Neckargmünd
91.35 Km. -total 481.02
Height 216 total --1,882

That's reality too

Bridges in all shapes

The gate to Wimpfen

Cozy place for a break

Blue Tower


Only attaching the panniers to the bikes, have breakfast and off we go. We have to go through the town to get to the cycle path; we pass the Church of St. Kilian. The west tower (landmark of Heilbronn) was the first major building of the Renaissance in Germany.
Today is cloudy but it stays dry. We go on many beautiful cycling paths through pretty villages. Between Bad Wimpfen and Neckarsulm two rivers are flowing into the Neckar; the Jagst and Kocher. We will meet them again next week in their headwaters in Elwangen and Aalen.
Passer-by recommends visiting Bad Wimpfen. Although it is located on a mountain, we go anyway and it's worth it. A beautiful town, in the center a fountain on the marketplace, bakery offers coffee and cake (what else could you ask for?) And not forgetting the Blue Tower dated from 1200 built by the noble family Staufacher.


A few more pictures from Wimpfen


Down to the bike path

Castle Guttenberg

Castle Hornberg

It is beautiful to ride through the quiet Neckar valley. We pass many castles and ruins, e.g. Guttenberg, Hornbeg, Zwingenberg and Hirschhorn. I have the impression that there are more castles than along the Rhine.
At the campsite are many campers, at least more than hundred and we are the only ones with a tent. I count two German and one British camper, the rest are all Dutch, even the boss is a Dutchman. On the way to Italy this place is conveniently located for a stopover.

Well signposted

She takes good care of their little ones

Castle Zwingenberg


Wait until the lock is released


Tuesday 26th June 2012 - Neckargmünd - Biebesheim (north of Worms)
Km 98.9 --total 579.92
Height. 71 total--1'953


Heidelberg Castle, residence of the Elector Palatine

Gate towers of the Old Bridge in Heidelberg>

Neckar naturally course to Heidelberg

At 08:00h we are wrapping the tent, as the wind already dried it.
Along the Neckar River to Heidelberg is a super smooth asphalt road. The 10 miles to Heidelberg we cycle on a wide hard shoulder and in less than half an hour we are having breakfast in town.
On the left side of the Neckar is a castle, the residence of the Elector Palatinate, which is not to be overlooked.





Mouth of the Neckar into the Rhine

A beautiful bouquet of flowers

We take the ferry over the old Rhine

A little further to the west is a shopping center where we buy food, fruits and sweets.
Over the Theodor Heuss Bridge we cycle on the right side bank. Only 25 miles to Mannheim. Seen on the map you'd think it is an American city. The streets run like a chessboard. They have no street names, but the blocks are indicated with letters and numbers, for example E2 or S3.
Before we go into the city of Worms we have a coffee break in Lampertheim.
It is very early in the afternoon when we reach Worms. The camp is closed and the youth hostel is booked out. Because it's early and the weather is nice we decide to cycle to the next campground in Biedesheim.

Lukas church in Lampertheim^

The Nibelungen bridge in Worms>

The Cathedral in Worms

Wednesday 27th June 2012 - Biedesheim - Wiesbaden
Km--64.54 total 644.46
Height 235 total --2'188

Catching reception from universe?

You can select up or down

Two minutes later came the cutting machine

If you like to have a blue man in your garden!

I prefer the bottom on the asphalt road

A branch of the Main flows into the Rhine

The campground is located along the Rhine, at the end of a 3 km-long impasse.
We have been the only visitors tonight, otherwise all are regulars. Because of possible flooding, they have to leave their homes in the winter. There's only solar energy, i.e. we couldn't charge our batteries. Fortunately, we have only used half of the energy and today's leg is again a flat one.
The first bakery we encounter we have breakfast. Thus fortified, we make our way to the mouth of the Main.
We can choose whether we want to ride on the dyke (gravel) or down (asphalt road). The last 15 km are new asphalt and it runs beautifully.

The station in Wiesbaden

Our sister Joke in Wiesbaden

A bunch of flowers

We have a sister in Wiesbaden who has invited us. We will spend the night on the Sonnenberg (sunny hill) where she lives for many years. A warm welcome awaits us, a great dinner and then we'll look at a football match of the European Championship. In the basement runs the washing machine. Tomorrow we can start the second week with freshly laundered clothes.
We are now on the northest point of our trip, from now on, we head east and from Wertheim on south.

Thursday 28th June 2012 - Wiesbaden - Kahl
Km. 92.72 total 737.18
Height135 total --2'323

First encounter with the Main

Parking in front of the kindergarten

After about 1 km ride down the mountain, I noticed that I've forgotten my mobile phone, all connection cables and German / Swiss plug, i.e. up the mountain again. Anyone who has no brain needs his legs. That makes me aware how dependent we are of the new technology. But modern technology has many advantages. My navigation device brings us the next 15 miles without detours to the Main Bike Trail.
We are really lucky with the weather, in the early morning the sun is already in the sky and in the afternoon it is almost too hot (30 º).

The new Frankfurt^

The Brothers Grimm in Hanau >

The old Frankfurt

I'm pleasantly surprised how well we come through the densely populated area around Frankfurt. We stay on the bike paths which are well signposted.
In Hanau we have a longer break. On the marketplace is a monument of the Grimm brothers who were born and have lived here. Who has not heard the many tales of the brothers? Sometimes a bit cruel but always good wills prevail.
Shortly before Kahl a road sign indicate that we are now leaving Hessen and enter Bavaria.
The campsite in Kahl is beautifully located on a lake with a sandy beach. But we find a space with grass to pitch the tent. It's sultry-hot tonight and we expect rain during the night.

Immediately before the tent

Camping in Kahl

Friday 29th June 2012 - Kahl - Miltenberg
Km. 68.20 total 805.38
Height 113 total -2,436

Seligenstadt, on the other side is Hessen

Cichorium in abundance ^

< And where are we here?


< Through this gate, we come into Miltenberg

Last evening it suddenly started to storm and we were not sure if the tent will survive. After a horrible hour it was all over and the rest of the evening was beautiful.
The Germans lost the European football game against Italy, so it was very quiet on the campground.
The trails are again super.
In Seligenberg comes the ferry from the other side of the river. While I take a few photos, the captain says to me: "So now I'm abroad again." I look a little puzzled. He explained to me that he lives on the other side of the river Main, that side is Hessen; on this side of the river is Bavaria, which is foreign country to him. Not only in Switzerland are many people who like federalism, but here are the states / cantons much bigger. Bavaria with 70.551Km ² and 12 million inhabitants is larger than Switzerland.
From Klingenberg on the landscape changes, it gets hilly and they are planted with vines.
Because of the great heat we say that's it for today and pitch our tent in Miltenberg.

Bridgegate A.D. 1898

< Würzburgergate A.D. 1379

Beautiful half-timbered house in Miltenberg

Tomorrow begins the Festival

Street in Miltenberg

Saturday 30th June 2012 - Miltenberg - Bad Mergentheim
Km. -95.85 total 901.23
Height 389 total --2'825

Ferry at Mondfeld ^

Spitzer Turm 15th century. Wertheim >

Here flows the Tauber into the Main

We start with a round through Miltenberg called "Pearl of the Main River" and then we head towards Freudenberg.
In Freudenberg we have to change to the other side of the river. After 20 km bicycle path, a ferry takes us to the opposite side again. From here it's about 10 miles to the confluence with Main and Tauber at Wertheim. We have a stroll through the town; make an ice cream break at an Italian restaurant (many ice cream sellers are Italian or have Italian roots) and then start with the next stretch to Tauberbischofsheim.
On a hill, we see a castle which unfortunately I can't photograph because of the sun. It is the second largest castle in southern Germany. During the Thirty Years War destroyed and is now restored.

Wertheim ^

A Bridge with Saint Nepumuk >

Bridge over the Tauber at Reichholzheim, wide rather than deep

Marvellous through the forest at 32 ° in the shade

Wonderful bike paths

Old (Castle) and new (solar panels)

On our map we can see how the river Tauber flows in innumerable curves.
With 32 ° in the shade, it is good that the road leads through many forests.
Once in Tauberbischofsheim we notice that the hostel, as is listed in the "bikline" is actually a sports center, the Fencing Club of Tauberbischofsheim. In Germany the Club is well known and has always produced good fencers.
Apparently they rent rooms, but this weekend of course no one of the staff is there except the kitchen personal.
No reason to despair, it's still early, the weather is fine, and our next aim is Bad Mergentheim via Lauda.
In the wildlife park of Bad Mergentheim, we find a great campsite with all the conveniences, washer, dryer, restaurant, lounge with kitchen and TV and plugs to recharge the batteries.


< Tauberbischofsheim ^

Lauda ^

Bike path sign Liebiches Taubertal >

Offers many opportunities for relaxation

Sunday 01st July 2012 - Bad Mergentheim - Rothenburg
Km. -56.87 total 958.10
Height 427 total --3'252

Bad Mergentheim, old City Hall

Weikers in the rain

Marketplace in Weikers

Today is Sunday; the bakeries have closed early in the morning. Therefore, we make breakfast in the lounge. The sky is overcasted, but fortunately it remains dry, we have at hand pelerine and galoshes.
We cycle into the town Mergentheim about 3 km with its beautiful marketplace.
I take a few photos and we are looking for the bike path along the Tauber.
Last night a hailstorm got wild and brought 1 to 2 cm. large hailstones on my tent. I am glad that the tent survived.
On the bike path, we see how it has gone to and fro; the entire road is covered with leaves and branches.



Enough rain to wear our rain cape

That is what the storm caused

The Tauber in Greglingen

Beautiful half-timbered house in Greglingen

It is only 50 to 60 kilometers to Rothenburg. It is Sunday, so we take it easy and have coffee breaks more often than usual.
The marketplace in Weikers looks a little deserted. The Mass in the church is not yet over and the tables and chairs are all still wet from the night's rain.
We are glad that the bakery is open. A coffee with a slice of cake is now doing well.
It begins to rain a little bit on the way to Greglingen. Not a bad record, after 10 days of sunshine.
We reach Greglingen around noon, with pelerine and galoshes on. Mrs. Salvatore serves us a menu a la Adria. Too bad with such a beautiful countryside and villages the weather does not cooperate.
Today we can forget about camping. When we arrive Rothenburg, it stops raining.
We make ourselves comfortable in the DJH and after showering, we stroll through the charming medieval town.

The Tauber gets slightly narrower

Lindleinturm in Greglingen


This church in Detwang was already inaugurated A.D. 968. Holy Cross Altar by Tilman Riemenschneider (1508)

Monday 02nd July 2012 - Rothenburg - Ellwangen
Km. --77.62 total 1'035.72
Height -581 total ----3'833

Entrance to Rothenburg

The Plönlein with Siebertor

Youth hostel

Some pictures of Rothenburg

Today we are looking for the source of the Tauber. After about 20 kilometers, we find it in Wettringen. A small river flowing out from a wall that will become an imposing river after 127 kilometers at Wertheim.
The first break we have is at the center of Crailsheim, of course in a café with such weather. Until here we have put on and off our pelerine and galoshes several times.

On the way to the source of the river Tauber

Course of the Tauber. Click on image

< Tauber-source found in Wettringen

In Crailsheim we come across the Jagst. Last week we saw the river flowing into the Neckar between Bad Wimpfen and Neckarsulm. We follow the headwaters of the Jagst until Ellwangen. The source is about 10 to 20 kilometers east of this city.
We are glad to see sun rays through the clouds i.e. the rain clothes disappear into the panniers.
The youth hostel on the top of the castle doesn't exist any longer. As usual when you need the tourist office it is closed, Saturdays and Sundays anyway.
On the beautiful campground in Ellwangen we pitch our tent. We take the risk of rain tonight.

From Crailsheim on, we follow the Jagst

Every now and then the sun comes out again but luckily no rain

< Crailsheim


Castle in Ellwangen, no more youth hostel

Castle at Ellwangen

Tuesday 03rd July 2012 - Ellwangen - Ulm
Km. ---99.38 total 1'135.1
Height 1035 total ---4'868

Unfortunately no sun but thankfully dry

Picnic area but not without sun

< Centre at Ellwangen

The tent stayed surprisingly dry. We follow the Kocher- Jagst bike path sign like yesterday until Aalen, about 20 km.
After a few kilometers we leave the Jagst, which runs east and meets the river Kocher at Hüttlingen.
It gets hilly at Lauterburg and we have to deal with a 2-Km steep climb. We recover in Bartholomä.
From Böhmenkirch we cycle down for about 7 km through a lush green valley.
Reaching the bottom of the valley in Eybach, we have lunch. Rika can charge the battery during the meal. She can cycle with greater support the upcoming 4 km ascent.
My battery (BionX) has charged the 7 km downhill with enough energy.
I book an overnight stay at the youth hostel in Ulm.
We cycle through a beautiful countryside to Ulm with constantly ups and downs, called the Stubersheimer Albs.
We have a chat with an older cyclist. He used to do such tours as we do, but now at the age of 88 cycling only day trips. I am very surprised by his age, because I guess him about my age (72). I hope that I can do such day trips when I'm 88.
Shortly before we reach Ulm city, I turn on my navigation device to cycle without detours through the town to the Youth Hostel; which is on the other side of the city.

Stuberheimer Alb ^

Across this bridge, with view of the Cathedral, we get into the city of Ulm >

Wednesday 04th July 2012 - Ulm - Sigmaringen
Km. 96.20 -total 1'231.3
Height. 526 total --5'394

Many farms have their own power supply

Now we follow the Danube Bike Trail

Here in this area of Ehingen the Danube is already pretty wide

We cycle along many cornfields always following the Danube

The trails are wonderful to ride on

From the DJH we go down to the Danube looking for the bike path.
Last night the weather has raged again. There are so many fallen trees, branches and twigs, that the authorities have blocked the bike path. This not only leads to a detour, but we lost our way two times. After a few kilometers it is passable again.
Over half of our days lag; we get to Riedlingen and have lunch here. On the map, I see that we are on the half-timbered-house-road. Walking through Riedlingen, I'm sure this city is one of them along this road.

Almost no traffic on the road ^

Unterwachingen ^

< Funny fountain figures

Riedlingen runs through the Schwebische

Baroque road. You might think it's the

half-timbered road

10 Km after Riedlingen we pass a Celtic settlement, with grave mounds and an open air museum in Heuneburg.
It is warm again, between 25 º and 30 º.
The Danube Bike Trail in Sigmaringen lies between the river and the campsite, we can continue from here tomorrow morning.
It's still early in the afternoon, plenty of time to stroll through the city. In the center on a hill stands the castle of the Hohenzollern family, which can be seen from afar.

It's a pleasure to see so much initiative of ones own

In Heuneburg is a open air museum and

nearby the Celtic grave mounds

Thursday 05th July 2012 - Sigmaringen - Donaueschingen
Km. 90.90 -total 1'322.2
Height 461 total - -5'855

Marketplace in Sigmaringen

Left Danube, center bike trail , right camping

Castle Hohenzollern in the city Sigmaringen


The former Augustinian nunnery choir Inzigkofen

The Danube valley narrows

A thick fog hangs over the Danube and the campground. The city lies a little higher and the sun is already there. In the nearby shopping center, we have breakfast.
We start on the cycle path at the campsite. It is well signposted until Donaueschingen. (90Km.)
The section between Sigmaringen and Tuttlingen is probably the most beautiful and interesting part. The valley becomes narrower and the river meanders in many bends.

Idyllic village

Castle Wildenstein

To read click on the image >

Wooden bridge over the Danube in Geisingen

In Fridingen we get to the first percolation point of the Danube (Versickerungsstelle), the second is in Immendingen.
Up to 260 days per year, the Danube is almost dry. Only with much rainfall as in the past few days, you do not see the seepage water. Scientist wanted to know where the water flows to.
They colored the water of the Danube, the colored water came out in the Aach headwaters and finally the Aach flows near Radolfzell into the Lake of Constance. That means the water of the Danube source flows only partially to the Black Sea, the most part ends up in the North Sea.
We pitched our tent in Riedsee at Donaueschingen. It was a beautiful sunny day.

We get closer to the source

New buildings, from the outset on solar collectors

A rest here and there must be

The landscape between Geisingen and Donaueschingen

Camping in the leisure facility Ried lakes

Friday Jul 06th 2012 - Donaueschingen - Bremgarten
Km. 106.29 total 1'428.49
Height. 641 total ----6'496

Rain clothes are required for multi-day bicycle tours

Here we have to decide, right up, or left down

The cape and gaiter are quickly put on and off

We're not sure if we make it to Bremgarten today, it's up to the weather. It does not look promising, so we cycle in parts. The first stretch is to Bonndorf. We may spend the night in the Y.H.
We cycle via Hüfingen, Hausen and Mundelfingen to the Wutach valley.
Now we could cycle down the busy part of the Wutach valley till Waldshut, but then we would miss the beautiful route along the river Steina. We carry our rain clothes when we arrive in Bonndorf. It is too early in the day to stay here so we have a Break in a Bakery. At the table next to us a woman explains the best way to get to the river Steina. Today with the weather it will be quiet she says. Otherwise, there are days many motorcyclists come from far away just because of the many curves to drive this road. And indeed we see upon entering the Steina River a sign with a motorcyclist and many grave crosses, with the inscription: "Will you be the next?"

Along the river Steina a nice street with a lot of curves

The campsite in Waldshut has a dock for ships

Too bad that with such a beautiful track the weather does not cooperate. To the confluence of Steina and Wutach in Lauchringen it stops raining. Despite the rain, comes a breeze.
With a descent from 850m. in Bondorf to Lauchringen 400m it is nevertheless a piece of cake.
At lunch time we reach Waldshut. We have lunch and decide after recovery to do the last part, 40 Km up home.
The last coffee break of this trip we have in Brugg.
It was a nice bike tour.
From 16 days cycling, two were partly rainy; I think it is a good weather-balance.

The Rhine bei Koblenz/Waldshut

The bridge to the old town Brugg

Back home in Bremgarten