Cycling around Germany from 14th. June to 26th. July. 2009

Why a tour all round Germany with an e-bike and a normal bike? Because I want to find out the pros and cons of an e-bike.
A tour around Germany offers mountains, hills and plains over about 4000 kilometres.
There are enough Campgrounds around to charge the battery. I have usually charged the battery in the sanitary, sometimes at the reception. The problem with the reception is that opening times in the morning are usually too late for us. I connected the battery on the heater or sink with a bicycle lock, to be sure that the battery will still be there in the morning.
In Switzerland, it is possible to rent a battery for a week or a month. A battery is expensive (about Swiss Fr. 1000 or 700). It is a good solution if you need it only during the holidays.
The expense of charging is about 5-10 euro cents. That means the costs for the entire tour around Germany are 2.15 to 4.30.
Now to the function of an e-bike: The pressure on the pedals is measured electronically. I can determine how much support I would like to receive. There are four possibilities.
With the engine off, you cycle like any other bike, with support of 50%, 100% or 150% of your own muscle strength. Rika usually cycles with 50%, in headwinds and hilly terrain 100%, in steep gradients 150%.

Bremgarten - Schluchsee.

Bremgarten - Schluchsee.
Day 1 Sunday, 14th. June 2009
Kilometres: --------------- 83.43
Altitude:.-------------------- 997
Average. ------------------- 14.4
Temp: --------------------- 29 ºc
Time: ---------------------- 5:46
Bremgarten - Brugg - Villigen - Leuggern - Waldshut - Uehlinger - Grafenhausen - Schluchsee.

Bridge over the Rhine River to Waldshut, our starting point.

Brewery in Rothaus

Camping in Schluchsee

The weather can't be better for us to start our journey. Rika (my sister) bought an e-bike, so we want to test it. I hope that after 4000 kilometres ride, I will get to know the pros and cons of electrically assisted bicycles.
In the morning we cycle to Waldshut along the Rhine, our starting point for our trip around Germany. We cycle on quiet roads, which have few more hills than the main street.
I take a photo of the bridge over the Rhine in Waldshut and hope to be back here in 6-7 beautiful and exciting weeks.
From Waldshut to Schluchsee we have to climb approximately 600 meters. As long as the ground is flat, I can keep up with the e-bike but if it gets steep, I cannot keep the pace. We decide that both of us cycle our own speed. If Rika arrives at the top of a hill, she will have to wait until I reach the top of the mountain. Until now it was vice versa.

Schluchsee - Schuttern (South-East of Offenburg)

Day 2 Monday, 15th. June 2009
Kilometres: 116.69-total 200.12
Altitude: ------219--total --1216
Temp: --------------- 19 º - 22 ºc
Time: 5:44 --------- total -11:30
Schluchsee - Titisee - Höllental - Freiburg - Emmendingen - Herboldsheim - Lahr - Friesenheim - Schutter.

Town hall in Kippenheim

City gate in Freiburg

Overnight stay in Schuttern

It was foreseeable that it would be raining last night because it was very warm and humid yesterday afternoon.
After the first few miles it starts to rain again and it keeps on all morning long.
We cycle along Titisee and through the Höllental-Valley, unfortunately the damp weather ruins the mood somewhat and even Freiburg doesn't look as lovely as it really is.
From Titisee (950m.) to Freiburg (390m.) we get fast forward.
In the afternoon the sun comes out and we decide to pitch our tent in Shutter.
We didn't even start to pitch the tents when the first drops start falling from the sky. Fortunately, the campsite manager offers us a room for the night.

Schuttern - Zinswiller (France)

Day 3 Tuesday, 16th. June 2009
Kilometres: 111.62 total 311.74
Altitude: -------184 total --1390
Average: ---------------------17.2
Temp: -----------------------27 ºc
Time: 6:28 ----------total -17:58
Schutten - Kehl - Rheinau - Herrlisheim - Haguenau - Merzwiller - Zinswiller.

The Rhine at Kehl

The river Kinzig flows here in Kehl into the Rhine.

Initially a bit cloudy but then the summer begins.
From Kehl we cycle on a dyke on the German side of the Rhine.
While we enjoy a wonderful meal in Rheinau we charge the battery. It takes about an hour and lasts for another 25 kilometres.
We leave Baden-Württenberg and cross the border to France.
At Haguenau, a somewhat larger town, we cycle on a road, which circumnavigate the town and we soon find the N62 which leads us to the campsite in Zinswiller.

Gravel for Switzerland?

The city gate of Haguenau

The battery is charged in the tent

Zinswiller - Saarlouis.

Day 4 Wednesday, 17th. June 2009
Kilometres: 105.34 total --- 417.08
altitude: --------516 total------1906
Average: ------------------------ 18.1
Temp: -------------------------- 29 ºc
Time: 5:49---------- total---- 23: 47
Zinswiller - Bärental - Mouterhouse - Rohrbach - Sarreguemines - Saarbrücken - Saarlouis.

Mouterhouse, many lakes along the road.

If people allows nature.

The river Saar

There is almost no traffic on the D36 from Zinswiller to Rohrbach. Gradually it is going up to Mouterhouse then the slope looks like a small pass. We cycle this route along many small lakes where local people pursue their hobby,fishing.
No clouds in the sky, it is fun to cycle this way.
Via Sarreguemines, a town at the border, we come back to Germany and follow the river Saar. Now we enter the 2nd State of Germany "Saarland". We meet a gentleman Mr. Köstner, who accompanies us for a few miles and we get many tips and hints from this region.

Old bridge in Saarbrücken

Break for a drink

Beautiful bike path along the Saar

The Flyer and Koga-Miyata

Modern Bridge

I stand next to it due to show the size

Saarlouis - Konz.

Day 5 Thursday, 18th June 2009
Kilometre: 74.96 -- total 492.04
Altitude: -----106 -- total-- 2012
Average: --------------------- 17.6
Temp. ----------------------- 22 ºc
Time 4: 15---------total ---28:02
Saarlouis - Merzig - Saarburg - Konz

Along the Saar

through little villages

and outside

The tent is wet from the dew but fortunately the sun is already shining in the morning.
We cycle along the river Saar, sometimes on the right side sometimes on the left.
In the afternoon clouds appear in the sky, therefore, we have to decide whether we rent a room or pitch the tent. Since the weather forecast is not promising we decide for a room which belongs to the campsite. We can use the washer and dryer, to travel on with fresh clothes tomorrow.
During the day, we have eaten from the leftovers in our bags so we try in the camping's restaurant a "German" hot meal. German meals mean huge portions. We are very hungry after such a strenuous cycling day and manage the German meal.
From experience I know the first few days I'm thirsty but after a few days my hunger grows too.


Little chapple in the forrest

Sluice gate

Saarburg an der Saar

Camping in Konz

Konz - Waxweiler (South-Eifel)

Day 6 Friday, 19th June 2009
Kilometre: 77.13 total 569.17
Altitude: ---- 820 total --2832
Average: -------------------14.7
Temp: -------------15 º - 22 ºc
Time: 5:13 -------total -33:15
Konz - Wasserbillig - Echternach - Irrel - Prumzurlay - Oberweis - Altscheid - Waxweiler.

From left the Saar flows into the Mosel

The President of the bike club gives us a few tips for this area

Wasserbillig (Luxemburg)

The Sauer (Luxemburg-Germany)

Over this old bridge in Echternach we come back to Germany

As we slept over in a room, packing is quick this morning.
We cross the Moselle River and cycle up to the little village Wasserbillig (Luxembourg).
The President of a cycle club wants to know where we come from and where we are going. We get tips how to go the next 20 kilometres.
Following the river "the sour", which is the border between Germany and Luxembourg, we cycle up to Echternach. A couple from Rur-Eifel recommends cycle up the river Pruem, because it is the prettier route.
They are right, almost no traffic and very beautiful. But it is constant up and down, rarely flat. The slopes are between 8% to 10%. (Days height 820m.)
On the last mile of our daytrip the front gear cable breaks and it is Friday evening. I hope I can find a bike shop tomorrow to replace the cable the same day.

An old mill at the river Prüm

River Prüm

Houses with slate roofs, typical of the Eifel

Beautiful picnic area, is it made for us ?


I count 30 Motorbikes

Waxweiler - Stadtkyll

Day 7 Saturday, 20th. June 2009
Kilometre: ---48.32 total 617.49
Altitude: --------406 total --3238
Average: ----------------------14.5
Temperature: --------11 º - 18 ºc
Time: 3:19 ---------- total -36:34
Waxweiler - Pruem - Olzheim - Reuth - Stadtkyll.

Stadtkyll; Church and guild - tree

Here in Waxweiler there is only one bicycle rental. The girl at the reception says that in the next village is a bicycle mechanic, which heaves a sigh of relief. I cycle to the next village in the third smallest gear and find out that the bike shop is closed since 2 months. The next opportunity is in Prüm, a district town, where chances will be higher. A beautiful bike shop is open but unfortunately only a salesperson is present. I've never done it before but there is no other choice than to try it by myself, however it is worth an attempt. At the end of many trials I have a new cable, but it doesn't work. Today, Saturday and Sunday I have to cycle in the three smallest gears. The best thing I can do is to see it from the positive side. Same parts of this area are very steep. This is why I am glad that I can cycle in the three smallest gears to continue.
We manage to arrive the beautiful village Stadtkyll.
Every 2nd car at the camping has a Dutch number, a sign that the Dutch boarder is not far away.

Retrospective view on Stadkyll, a hilly landscape.

Stadtkyll - Heimbach

Day 8 Sunday, 21st June 2009
Kilometre: 53.06 - total 670.55
Altitude: -----536 -total -- 3774
Average: --------------------15.0
Temperature: -------13 º - 18 ºc
Time: 3:31 --------total --40:05
Stadtkyll - Dahlheim - Schmidtheim - Schleiden - Gmünd.

We leave Rheinland-Pfalz and start with Nordrhein-Westfalen

There is a restaurant/bakery in the centre of town witch offers every Sunday different breakfast options. The small breakfast is so big that it is enough for us.
We cycle out of the valley. When we get up the hill we have a nice look back at the city of Stadtkyll which still lies partly in the morning mist.
Up here the sun shines and the wind blows a little, an ideal place to dry the tent.
We follow the "Big Eifel Route", in the midst of a National Park.
The Rureifel is a beautiful area.
Tomorrow we will follow the river Rur. It will be our companion to Roermond (Holland) where the Rur flows into the Meuse.

Picnic area wit view on Heimbach

Monastery Mariawald

Hilly Rureifel

Castle Hüngebach in Heimbach

Camping in Heimbach

Half-timbered houses in Heimbach

Heimbach - Rosenthal (Dutch border)

Day 9 Monday, 22nd, June 2009
Kilometres: 101.94 total 772.49
Altitude: ------ 434 total --4208
Average: ---------------------16.3
Temperature: --------14 º -20 ºc
Time: 6:15 -------- total --46:51
Heimbach - Nideggen - Jülich - Linnich - Hückelhoven - Wassenberg - Rosenthal.

The river Rur

Gate in Nydeggen

Another gate

We find a bike shop very early this Monday morning, but on a piece of paper is written "open at 3 p.m."
It is a disappointment but not that tragic. First we have breakfast and we tell the baker that the bike shop is unfortunately closed until 3 p.m. She picks up the phone, calls the bicycle dealer, and after a while she tells us, it is ok, you can go to the bike mechanic after the breakfast.
The bicycle is jacked up and the bike mechanic shows me exactly the problematic parts.
From now on I will always carry a spare cable with me because now I know how to replace the cable.
After half an hour I cycle with a perfect working gear. It is wonderful cycling with all gears working perfectly.
From Heimberg a mountain road with a lot of serpentines, leads up to Nideggen, a beautiful little town.
We cycle along the Rur on gravel paths to the Dutch border. In larger towns we leave the path to have a look at the centre and have a break.
The Rur is about 15 feet wide and winds through the valley, mostly densly forested on both sides.

Over small bridges

and on gravel paths

along the Rur

Citadelle of Jullich

Rur dam

Rosenthal (Dutch border) - Xanten

Day 10 Tuesday, 23rd June 2009
Kilometre: 99.93 --- total 872.42
Altitude: ----152 ----total --4360
Average. ----------------------17.0
Temperature: --------13 º - 22 ºc
Time: 5:51 ----------total - 52:42
Rosenthal - Roermond - Reuven - Venlo - Straelen - Geldern - Sonsbeck - Xanten.

Today we cycle through Holland

The first religiouse building in Holland

Reuver, coffee break

A bit mist at departure, and only 13 º c. but that is changing rapidly. In Reuven we are able to have our first coffee break already on a terrace.
In Venlo we cycle to the centre. We know the city only from passing through by car. I become aware of how much I miss when I travel by car.
Venlo has a very nice old town with a pleasant marketplace.
Shortly before Xanten a passer-by tells us that there is still a mountain to climb. Indeed, it goes a while up with 1% to 2%. They have given the mountain the name, "Sonsbecks Switzerland".
After visiting a part of the old town and the Cathedral in Xanten, a couple shows us the way to the campsite and we cycle with them, Kaethy and Hans, the 3 kilometres outside of town.

The river Maas

Town hall in Venlo

The river Maas

Kaethy + Hans leads us to the camping

Cathedral in Xanten

Sunset in Xanten

Xanten - Weseke (Borken)

Day 11 Wednesday, 24th June 2009
Kilometre: 56.18 ------ total 928.60
Altitude: -----127 ----- total -- 4487
Avg. ------------------------------ 17.1
Temperature: ------------------ 25 ºc
Time: 3:16 --------------total -55:58
Xanten - (by ferry crossing the Rhine) - Hamminkeln - Borken - Weseke.

Xanten has also houses with beautiful facades

Marketplace in Xanten


The Rhine at Xanten

Waiting for the passage

We start the day with a sightseeing tour through the old town of Xanten because it was too late yesterday evening. Then we cycle to the ferry to cross the Rhine. The ferry (only for pedestrians and bicycles) runs only on certain days. Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The first few Kilometres we cycle on a dyke, then on cycle paths through small hamlets and forests.
Finally summer is back and we are now glad that the path leads through shady forests. The only thing bothering is the wind. Rika goes ahead and I can cycle in slipstream with an average of 20-24 Km/h. From time to time, I have to call "not so fast".
The bike paths are excellent.
At about 3 p.m., we arrive in Weseke. My cousin Christel and her husband Jupp live here. The last time we have seen each other was many years ago. The reception is very warm and coffee with cake is already on the table. (In former times my cousin has learned confectioner) In the evening three of their children pop in and start heating the grill. The evening goes by very quickly. As I have a look on the clock I'm surprised that it shows 11p.m.

Rack for bikes

Solar panels on every roof

Does he makes it right?

Weseke - Denekamp (Holland)

Day 12 Thursday, 25th June 2009
Kilometre: 78.31 total ---1006.91
Altitude: ------91 total ------ 4578
Average: -----------------------19.1
Temperature: ---------------- 28 ºc
Time: 4:05 -------total ----- 60:03
Weseke - Vreden - Gronau - Losser (Holl) De Lutte - Denekamp.

Farewell from Christel Jupp

and Agnes

At about 9 a.m. we say goodbye to Christel and Jupp and cycle to the nexst cousin Agnes in Vreden. We haven't seen each other for years too. It is a nice meeting, whereby time goes too quickly. At lunchtime we leave Agnes and cycle towards Gronau, to cross the border to enter Holland for the second time.
In the first village Losser, a celebration takes place. The temperature rises to 28 ºc. in the shade. We are looking for a sun-protected place on a terrace and watch the festival buzz.
Until Denekamp we cycle on a road which is green marked on our map. A local tells us that it is the most beautiful route in Holland.
I don't know how many stars the camping in Denekamp has, but I would give it at least 5.
Today we have crossed the first 1000 kilometres.

Curious cows

Church in Denekamp

Sluice Almelo - Nordhorn canal

Denekamp - Papenburg

Day 13 Friday, 26th June - 2009
Kilometre: 120.86 total 1127.77
Altitude: -------50 total ----4628
Average: ---------------------19.5
Temperature: ---------18 º 28 ºc
Time: 6:11 --------total ---66:14
Denekamp - Nordhorn - Lingen - Meppen - Stavern - Renkenberge - Wippingen - Neuböger - Neulehe - Aschendorf - Papenburg.

Almelo - Nordhorn canal

Townhall Meppen

Dortmund-Ems canal

Today will be a day along canals.
"Almelo Nordhorn" is the first one. Then in the city of Nordhorn we change to the canal "Ems Vecht" and in Lingen we follow the Dortmund - Ems canal until Meppen. All the 40 kilometers cycling along canals we meet only one single car.
We cycle mainly on quiet gravel paths with lot of trees, sometimes through woods.
From Meppen on we follow a military road for 20 Kilometres (prohibited to cars).
It is probably because of the forests that the wind today is not so strong.

In northern Germany a lot of potatoes are eaten


Papenburg - Nordenham

Day 14 Saturday, 27th June 2009
Kilometers: 109.27 total 1237.04
Altitude:---------30 total ----4658
Average: -----------------------18.9
Temperature: ---------- 18 º 25 ºc
Time: 5:45 --------- total ---71.59
Papenburg - Rhauder - Barssel - Westerstede - Jade - Rodenkirchen - Nordenham.

Deutsche Fehnroute


There's no problem to cross the city of Papenburg. For a while we follow the "German Fehn Route", then via Barssel and Apen to Westerstede. A very beautiful city, with many flower decorations in the pedestrian zone. We are already in Jade at 3 p.m., our destination for today, but we decide to cycle a bit further. The shops in Germany are open until 8 p.m. on Saturday i.e. enough time for shopping.

Many avenues between Barssel - Apen


North-German farmhaus

Nordenham - Krautsand (Wirschhaven)

Day 15 Sunday, 28th June 2009
Kilometre: 83.98 -total 1321.02
Altitude: -----80 - total ----4738
Average: ---------------------19.4
Temperature: ---------16 º 24 ºc
Time: 4:19 --------total -- 77:18
Nordenham (ferry across the Weser) - Bremerhaven - Bad Bederkesa - Moor aus Moor - Hemmoor - Krautsand.

Is this flax?

(On 22.03.2012. Daniel wrote, this is Phacelia. Thanks Daniel)

These small flies are very fond of the colour yellow, but only yellow

From a closer look

There are 16 ºc when I get up. It's too cold to make a coffee.
We only can hope that a bakery is open which also offers coffee.
After 5 kilometres, we find a bakery, and have time enough for breakfast, the ferry over the river Weser to Bremerhaven leaves at 9 a.m.
The trip via Langen to Bad Bederkesa is fantastic. The avenues alternate with oak, birch and beech trees.
We arrive already at 1p.m. in Hemmoor and the appetite is big enough for lunch.
The campsite in Krautsand is our destination for today, and only 20 kilometres to go.
In the afternoon the sun comes out and the temperature rises quickly up to 25 ºc.

Farry over the Weser

Low water

Church of Krautsand

The Elbe at Krautsand

with sandy beach

Krautsand - Friedrichstadt

Day 16 Monday, 29th June 2009
Kilometres: 105.63 total 1426.63
Altitude: -------131 total --- 4810
Average: ----------------------19.7
Temperature: ----------16 º 28 ºc
Time: ---------5:30 total -- 82:48
Krautsand - Wirschhafen - Glückstadt - Wilster - Hochdonn - Meldorf - Heide - Lunden - Friedrichstadt.

Crossing the Elbe. The Frenchman cycles with, a unicycle as a trailer

Windmill in Wilstadt

Church in Heide

On the ferry to Glückstadt we meet a Frenchman from Chamonix. His goal is the South of Norway. That must be the Mecca for base jumping. It is a kind of sport where you need good nerves. They jump from ledges and sail down with special made clothes.
Around noon we reach the Nord - Ostsee - Kanal. The ferry is free, a little farther away is a bridge only for the train. It was built 80 years ago and quite recently it has been overhaulen.
During our lunch, with a view to the bridge, we dry our tents while we put them over the bicycles. The sun is coming out at the right time.
All the roads we cycle on cycle paths. That makes cycling verry pleasant.
At 6 p.m. we reach Friedrichstadt, built in the 16th Century by the Dutch. That is why one could believe to be in Holland with "canals and facades of the houses" like in Amsterdam.

Bridge for the train at Hochdonn on the Nord-Ostsee-Canal

On the other side of the dike in Friedrichstadt

Lunch in Hochdonn on the Nord-Ostsee Canal

Camping, protected by dikes

Friedrichstadt - Westenholz

Day 17 Tuesday, June 30th 2009
Kilometre: 85.31 total --1511.94
Altitude: ----167 total ------4977
Average: ----------------------17.4
Temperature: ----------18 º 28 ºc
Time: 4:55 ------ total -----87:43
Friedrichstadt - Husum - Flensburg - Langbillig - Westenholz.

Channels and facades in Friedrichstadt similar to Holland


Friedrichstadt is foundet

in the 17 century

by the Dutch

We make a sightseeing tour through the beautiful town of Friedrichstadt.
We have 20 Kilometre to go to Husum, a beautiful harbour town, which we also visit.
The trip from Husum to Flensburg is a 40 kilometre straight road, the A 200. Parallel is a cycle track.
The pedestrian area of Flensburg is beautiful. We are relaxing on a terrace after 40 kilometres fighting against the wind, without any protection of forests or buildings.
In the afternoon we cycle up to the Baltic Sea. Here begins the Baltic-Sea-Route which will lead us to the island of Rügen.


Wanderup picknick area



Connection for Akku

Sunset in Westernholz

The many cornfields would suggest that here in the north much bread is eaten

Westenholz - Laboe

Day 18 Wednesday, 1st. July 2009
Kilometres: 108.08 -total 1620.02
Altitude:------- 273 -total ----5250
Average: ----------------------- 19.8
Temperature: ----------- 18 º 28 ºc
Time: 5:30 ----------total --- 93:13
Westenholz - Kappeln - Arnis - Thumby - Eckernförde - Schwedeneck - Friedrichsort - (ferry) Laboe.

History of the mill

to read, click on the image

Roofs like in Denmark

Kornfeld lined with cornflower

Windmill in Kappeln

Waiting for the ferry in Arnis

The smallest city in Germany, Arnis

With the ferry across the fjord Schlei

Thatched roof

We find the cycle path along the Baltic Sea and continue to Gelting. Via Kappeln we arrive in Arnis, "the smallest city in Germany," as we are told, with 360 inhabitants. Here we take the ferry over the fjord Schlei.
We remain on the cross-country roads through small villages like Winnemark and Thumby.
The temperature is fine to have a picnic on the beach in Eckernförde. Many people are swimming in the sea, but for me the water is still a bit too cold.
We remain on the Baltic Sea route and via Surendorf we come to the ferry in Friedrichsort.
On our map it looks like the whole fjord around Kiel is overcrowded. The ferry will bring us in 15 minutes to the other side of the fjord to Laboe. It is not really a ferry but a ship which is very difficult to embark for people with bikes. There is a flight of stairs, and a bridge which is too narrow for bikes with luggage to enter. This is the most expensive ferry so far, 14.



Grain up to the Baltic Sea

Harvest time is soon at the Baltic Sea

Laboe - Priwall (Travemünde)

Day 19 Thursday, 2nd. July 2009
Kilometre: 93.06 --total 1713.08
Altitude: -----369--total --- 5619
Average:---------------------- 19.1
Temperature: --------- 18 º 29 ºc
Time: 4:54 ---------total -- 98:07
Laboe - Lütjenburg - Schönwald - Neustadt - Haftkrug - Travemünde - Priwall.

Marketplace in Lütjenburg


Since 2 weeks we get up with sunshine. In southern Germany and Switzerland it is raining at the moment. We are very lucky.
Before departing in the morning we usually have some fruits, for example a banana and apple, depending on what is left in our luggage bags. The right breakfast, we have after approximately 20 to 30 kilometres. Lütjenburg is 30 kilometres away which means breakfast will be in Lütjenburg. Last year it has been a stop over for coffee on my way from the North Cape.
With Lütjenburg we reach "Holsteinisch Switzerland". The hills are not high but we cycle constantly up and down with almost no wind this morning
We take the road 501 via Schönwalde and arrive in Neustadt at the "Lübeckerbucht" and are back at the Baltic Sea. At the tourist information I ask if there's a campground on the peninsula Priwall.
To get there we need again to catch a ferry in Travemünde.
It is still early in the afternoon as we arrive at the campsite. We can use the washing machine and dryer so we can start with clean cycle cloths tomorrow for the next, 7th State on our tour "Mecklenburg-Vorpommern".

On the ferry to Priwall

Neustadt, Lübecker Bucht

Vour-master in Priwall

Harbour in Priwall

Priwall - Pepelow

Day 20 Friday, 3rd. July 2009
Kilometre: 80.64 total 1793.72
Altitude: ---- 323 total ---5942
Average: --------------------17.8
Temperature: ------- 18 º 30 ºc
Time: 4:31 ------- total --92:38
Priwall - Dassow - Gravesmühlen - Wismar - Hornstorf - Kartlow - Blowatz - Pepelow.

Corn, corn, corn.

Heiligegeist church in Wismar

Centre Wismar


After a few miles, we reach the former GDR.
There is a local fair in Gavesmühlen, which always brings life and bustle with it.
The next stop is Wismar. In the Church of the Holy Spirit is a guided tour. The church has one of the oldest stained glass windows through which the sun shines in bright colours.
On the way out of Wismar we ask a group of men for the right direction. The men do not agree with each other and there is a loud confrontation. Somewhat embarrassed, we sneak away unnoticed from the group. After a while we see a sign which shows the right track. Nevertheless, we lose our way, however to our advantage, because we're coming through small picturesque villages on quiet roads.

Centre Wismar

This small flies like yellow but only yellow

Sunset in Pepelow

Pepelow - Bodstedt

Day 21 Saturday 4th. July 2009
Kilometers: 109.95 total1903.67
Altitude: 244 -------total ---6186
Average :--------------------- 18.5
Temperature: ------- 19 º - 26 ºc
Time: 5:56 --------- total - 98:34
Pepelow - Neubukow - Kröpeliner - Bad Doberan - Rostock - Niederhagen - Graal-Müritz - Ribnitz - Hall - Bodstedt.

Harbour Rostock

Pedestrian precinct Rostock

When we leave the camping, there are already 19 ºc although the sun doesn't really shine.
In Bad Doberan we see a locomotive with a few wagons driving through the street. I want to take a picture, but it is already gone.
Rostock, is not my town, though there are a few beautiful buildings, for example the town hall. Also the pedestrian zone has beautiful facades but they are too high to get a cosy effect.
After Rostock we leave the A road 105.
We cycle on dirt paths sometimes paved roads to the north.
The cornfields, lined with cornflower are already yellow, and will certainly be harvested in the next few days.

Town hall Rostock

Church Rostock


Bodstedt - Stralsund

Day 22 Sunday 5th. July 2009
Kilometre: 44.85 total 1948.52
Altitude: 80 ----- total ----6266
Average: --------------------17.2
Temperature: --------18 º 23 ºc
Time: 2:37 -------total - 101:11
Brodstedt - Barth - Grabow - Krönnevitz - Preetz - Straldund.

The river and city Barth



Fountain in Stralsund

Rathaus Stralsund

After 10 kilometres we are in Barth. I appreciate the fact that bakeries are open on Sundays in Germany.
We continue the journey and it begins to rain slightly, stops and starts again, poncho on, poncho off, for several times.
Today is Sunday, so the main road is ours. From Duvendiek on, a few miles of cobblestone begins which is neither good for the bike nor for our back. Faster than 10 km/h is impossible.
It's still raining a little as we arrive in Stralsund, and we book a night in the youth hostel at Stralsund.
In the afternoon we stroll into town, luckily it isn't raining anymore. We meet cyclist from Augsburg coming back from the island of Ruegen. The east coast is very touristic and there are a lot of tourists, everything is expensive. The Northwest, however, is empty with wide flat land, is their impression. Tomorrow we will make our own experiences.
Back from the city stroll, we are more exhausted than, of 50 kilometres cycling.

Nikolaichurche in Stralsund

Cycle couple from Regensburg

Nikolai churche


Town hall Stralsund

Stralsund - Prora (Sassnitz, Rügen)

Day 23 Monday, 6th. July 2009
Kilometre: 81.64 total 2030.16
Altitude: ----- 89 total --- 6355
Average: ------------------- 17.7
Temperature: ------- 18 º 27 ºc
Time: 4:37 ------ total -105.48
Stralsund - Gustow - Garz - Putbus - Binz - Prora (Sassnitz)

Dyke and bridge Stralsund-Rügen

Tree-lined walk

Sassnitz North-East of Rügen

Accommodation and breakfast is from 7 a.m. on. Youth hostel means, few packing in the morning.
We cycle on a country road via Garz and Putbus. The name of this avenue is "Deutsche Alleen Strasse". The road is newly asphalted but without a cycle path. Fortunately, there is not much traffic. As soon as we enter a Village the roads gets terrible for cycling.
Large cobblestones are hard to cycle. Where the cobblestones are missing, the holes are filled up with asphalt, or still empty. In Vilmnitz it gets that bad that cycling is impossible and we push the bikes through the village.
From Binz on, the roads are wonderful, smooth and without unevenness, even with a cycle path along the coast towards the north.
Until now we have paid for a camp site 11 to 15 (for both). Here they charge 39
When I ask why so much more than in other parts of Germany, the explanation is "the season is very short", (shorter than in other places in Germany???)
We find a private campground for 24
The campground is located in an area which is shown on our map as "flintstone fields". Around 2 p.m. we are finished with pitching the tents.
We cycle to Sassnitz (7 km) without luggage. We enter a cutter for 12 people and travel along the 9-kilometer coastline of chalk cliffs.

The chalk coast of Rügen, crumbling every year slightly

Prora (Rügen) - Gahlkow (Greifswald)

Day 24 Tuesday,7th June 2009
Kilometre: 89.44 total 2119.60
Altitude: ---- 285 total -- 6640
Average: --------------------18.3
Temperature: --------18 º 24 ºc
Time: 4:53 -------total --110:41
Prora - Bergen - Putbus - Garz - Glewitzer Fähre - Greifswald - Kemnitz - Gahlkow.

Bergen centre of Rügen

Glewitzer Ferry connection to the mainland

Until Bergen (20 km) there is a bicycle path which runs parallel to the road. After some time we have to leave the cycle path due to tarmac the path, the main road is already asphalted.
Bergen is the largest city on the island and here I can get Euros from my post account.
We cycle via Putbus and Garz to the Glewitzer ferry who brings us back to the mainland.
From Rheinsberg to Greifswald, we have two choices, the new ore the old road. On the new one is much traffic and the Old is made of cobblestones. We decide for the old one. After 16 kilometres we are totally shaken. Cobblestone streets looking good, but for cycling, it is a disaster.
Our tents neighbour comes from Holland. They make the Hanseatic Cities Tour.
I didn't know that there are so many Hanseatic Cities but the neighbour says there are more than 200 of them.

Today is market day in Greifswald

Mill and tatched roof house

Many tatched roofs in Kemnitz

Gahlkow - Pasewalk.

Day 25 Wednesday, 8th. July 2009
Kilometre: 89.43 ----total 2209.03
Altitude:-----152 ----total ----6792
Average: ------------------------19.3
Temperature: ------------16 º 24 ºc
Time: 4:38------------total -115:24
Gahlkow - Memnitz - Hanshagen - Anklam - Ferdinandshof - Pasewalk.

Streets this way or another

they are both hard to go

At the old part of the church, the stones are the same as the road

Wind power station in Anklam

City of Anklam

We cycle through hamlets and villages with adventurous roads, sometimes just sandy, sometimes cobblestones of which the holes are not always easy to avoid. Later on we come to a road which feels like velvet and we get fast forward.
It is suddenly stormy when we arrive in Jatznick. We just have time to look for shelter before the rain, thunder and lightning begins. After half an hour break, all is over.
In Pasewalk I go to the tourist info and ask whether the campsite 20 Km further still exists. Unfortunately, the answer is no.
She says: "Here in Pasewalk we have a meadow where people can pitch their tent". You get a key for the sanitary fittings and we get 20 as deposit, and 10 for the night. We are surprised by the beautiful sports and leisure complex.
Because the space is not under surveillance, we can put the bikes in the shed.

The city of Pasewalk provides this building and meadow to

canoeing and cycling fans

Pasewalk - Parsteinersee.

Day 26 Thursday, 9th July 2009
Kilometre: 84.77 -total 2293.38
Altitude: ---- 360- total ---7152
Average: ---------------------17.5
Temperature: ---------16 º 23 ºc
Time: 4:50 --------total -120:14
Pasewalk - Prenzlau - Greifenberg - Angermünde - Parsteinersee.

This plant has been mixed under the cornflower and has a slightly deeper blue

Gate in Prenzlau



Beautiful market place in Angermünde

It doesn't rain but we have a strong headwind, certainly the strongest on our tour.
From Switzerland to Flensburg the wind came from Nord-west to Nord-east. In Flensburg the wind changed to East wind. We didn't trust our ears when we heard the weather forecast in Rügen, "the wind will turn to the Southwest"!!!
The positive of an e-bike, even with headwind, we reach 20 km./h.
Via Prenzlau we cycle to Angermünde where we have a long break.
As we reach the Parsteinersee, our destination for today, we have cycled only 85 kilometres but we feel as we had cycled 120 Km.

Between Prenzlau and Angemünde

Harvest at a wind power station

Parsteinersee - Bad Saarow.

Day 27 Friday, 10th. July 2009
Kilometers: 102.69 total 2396.07
Altitude: ------ 347 total ---7499
Average: -----------------------18.1
Temperature: ----------16 º 20 ºc
Time: 5:39 --------- total -125:53
Parstein - Bad Freienwalde - Wriezen - Prötzel - Münchenberg - Fuerstenwalde - Bad Saarow.

Bad Frauenwalde former hospital. Now Concert Hall (1696)

If this is a fireplace, then these storks have chosen a nice warm place

Almost all German cities have a tower like this in Munichenberg

The wind is very strong and we ask ourselves whether it is possible to get even worse.
After our first break in Bad Freienwalde it gets dark and soon the sky opens. Rain, thunder, lightning and even hail comes from above. It is probably getting worse!
After a quarter of an hour, the rain turns into lighter rain, and a while later the sun appears again.
Destination for today is the Scharmützelsee. Unfortunately in Fuerstenwalde, it starts to rain again.
I have a look on my map to I see whether somewhere in the vicinity is a youth hostel. And there is one indeed in Bad Saarow 10 kilometres away. We are lucky it is Friday and not occupied.

Bad Saarow - Bagenz (Cottbus)

Day 28 Saturday, 11th. July 2009
Kilometers: 102.91 total 2498.98
Altitude: -------201 total ----7700
Average: -----------------------19.9
Temperature: -----------16 º 23 ºc
Time: 5:10 ---------total --131:03
Bad Saarow - Lindenberg - Beeskow - Friedland - Lieberose - Peitz - Heinersbrueck - Roggoser - Laubsdorf - Bagenz (Spremberg Dam)

Two towers at the walls of Beeskow

8 twin towns from Friedland

The roads are very good, many tree-lined roads and a lot of sunflower fields. It is still a bit fresh in the morning but great for cycling.
Arriving in Friedland, we have enough kilometres and appetite for a 2nd breakfast. A Polish cyclist is almost finished with his breakfast when we enter the Restaurant. When bikers meet there are many topics of conversation. He is been retired recently and has organized a celebration for his colleagues, which will take place in a few days. He is on his way home and won't miss his date.
The landscape between Lieberose and Peitz is, with his many sunflower fields in full bloom, especially appealing.
At a lake in Peitz, we have picnic. A Greenpeace fan wouldn't be happy with this panorama. I count 9 cooling towers on the other side of the lake. They belong to a lignite power plant. In contrast he would love, what we see 10 kilometres further. We cycle along one of the many wind parks in this area. I count mostly 25 to 30 windmills for one park.
On a cobblestone road that leads to the campsite, we are shaken all over the place.
Today I landed in a ditch. I cycled up too close to Rika, touched her rear wheel and lost balance. Unfortunately, the mirror of my helmet is broken. It looks like a mirror for my helmet is not available in Germany. I will buy a new one, once I'll be back in Switzerland. A mirror is cheap but has big advantages. For me almost indispensable now that I'm used to it.

Lieberose, left sunflowers right corn

Peitz, brown coal fired power station

Spreestauwehr Bagenz - Tauscha (Radeburg)

Day 29 Sunday, 12th. July 2009
Kilometre: 87.22 -total 2586.62
Altitude: -----176 -total -- 7876
Average: ------------------19.3ºc
Time: 4:30 -------- total 135:33
Bagenz - Spremberg - Hoyerswerda - Berndorf - Swepnitz - Königsbrück - Tauscha.



With a banana and an apple we start this stage on a beautiful Sunday morning. There is almost no traffic on the roads which leads through many forests. It is mostly oak forest with scattered birches and beeches. Sometimes corn fields, most of them are already harvested.
Hoyerswerda is a disappointment, but a stay in a bakery/restaurant is a bit of an compensation.
The poncho is in the meantime on the bottom of my bag.
We went to a camping place shortly before Dresden, to be in the city early in the morning. From a cycling couple in Königsbrück we get good suggestions which way to Dresden is the best and most beautiful. They recommend via Radeburg and Mauritzburg is the best solution. Unexpectedly before Radeburg, we see a street sign to a campsite. It lies deep in a forest and has a small lake.

In this forest the campsite of

Tauscha is located on a small lake

Tauscha - Freiberg.

Day 30 Monday, 13th. July 2009
Kilometre: 78.62 total -2665.24
Altitude: ---- 721 total ----8597
Average ----------------------15.3
Temperature: ---------18 º 26 ºc
Time: 5:06 --------total -140:39
Tauscha - Radeburg - Mauritzburb - Dresden - Freital - Freiberg.

Hunting lodge Mauritzburg

A cycle path to Dresden

We have a very dry tent to pack even though it is only 10 meters from the lake.
I still haven't found out why sometimes the tent is so wet and on other days almost dry.
We cycle on the "Deutsche Alleen Strasse" which leads all the way into the city of Dresden.
In Mauritzburg we come to a hunting lodge with a stud farm. We see how the horses are being taken care of. They brush their skin and comb their mane.
The suburb of Dresden is not different than many other cities, boring and gray, the old town, however, a jewel.
From far away, we see the Semperoper. Over a bridge, crossing the Elbe, we stand in front of the cathedral. Left over the rooftops you can see the Frauenkirche. "1726 - 1743"
The cupola crashed together on February 15th. 1945, following a bombing attack on Dresden. Until 1990 - 1998 it has been an important memorial to the war. With Global donation funds, the church returned to its original shape. (Consecration in October 2005)
When we were here last time (August 2005) it wasn't quite ready. We are more pleased when we get to know that they have a guided tour.
We find immediately the way out of town towards Freital. Now begins the eastern part of "Saxon Switzerland", i.e. from now on, it gets hilly. (to be seen at the day altitude)

Cathedral in Dresden

Frauenkirche, Dresden


Freiberg - Schneeberg.

Day 31 Tuesday, 14th. July 2009
Kilometre: --82.88 total 2748.12
Altitude: -----1000 total --- 9597
Average: ----------------------15.8
Time: 5:15 ---------total -145:54
Branderbisdorf - Eppendorf - Eibenstock - Zschopau - Zwönitz - Aue - Schneeberg.

The river Flöha

The river Zschopau

Beautiful roads and little traffic

We are in the midst of the "Erzgebirge". With a daily altitude of 1000m, you can see that it is only up and down. The landscape is beautiful and entertaining with lots of oak forests.
We cross 2 mountain ridges with the rivers Flöha and Zschopau down into the valley. Then we follow for 20 kilometers the river Zschopau.
Until Schneeberg, our destination for today, we have to cycle 40 kilometres through hilly countryside.
Schneeberg is a spa resort with 2 campsites. The one we selected has the most beautiful sanitary fittings on our journey.

Schneeberg - Bad Brambach

Day 32 Wednesday, 15th. July 2009
Kilometre: 73.05------ total 2821.17
Altitude: ---1051------ total --10648
Average: --------------------------14.9
Temperature: ------------- 16 º 20 ºc
Time: 4:52 ------------ total -150:46
Schneeberg - Zschorlau - Eibenstock - Schönheide - Schöneck - Market Neukirchen - Schönlind - Bad Brambach.

Slate roofs in the Hartz, like on the other side of Germany in the Eifel

Markneukirchen from here we have to climb a 19% slope over approximately 2 Km

From the east Erzgebirge we move into Vogtland, the landscape remains hilly.
The weather isn't kind with us. We have to put a few times our poncho.
Nature is very beautiful. Oak forests are replaced for coniferous forest and the roofs of houses are made of slate, similar in the Eifel, on the other side of Germany.
The A road 283 is almost not used. Along the lake Eibenstock we have to make a detour due to construction works. That's typical in Germany they close the streets without further ado, no matter how big the detour is. For us, a plus point because it means we have to go through the town of Eibenstock. Beautifully situated on a slope, for us an opportunity to look for a bakery and have a break.
Via Schöneck we get to Markneukirchen. Here at the tourist info we organize a private overnight accommodation in Bad Brambach.
Until Bad Brambach we have to cycle 15 kilometres, about 1 ½ hours. We have to overcome a steep road out of Markneukirchen to Schönlind with a slope of 19%, new daily record of altitude.

Final look back on the hilly Vogtland

Bad Brambach - Neustadt an der Waldnaab.

Day 33 Thursday, 16th. July 2009
Kilometre: 77.98 ---total 2899.15
Altitude: -----497 ---total --11145
Average: ---------------------- 18.5
Temperature: ---------- 19 º 30 ºc
Time: 4:30 -----------total 155:16
Bad Brambach - Czech border - Frantiskovy - Cheb - Waldsassen - Mitterteich - Tisrchenreuth - Neustadt an der Waldnaab.

Ca. 20 Km. Chech Republic

Cheb a very beautiful city in Czech Republic

Basilika Waldsassen. The first city in the 10th State "Bavaria"




We say goodby to our landlady and cycle towards the Czech Republic.
The first stop is in the town of Cheb (Eger). We are amazed from the magnificent city.
In a cosy restaurant I order a cup of chocolate milk. What I get is something between pasta and chocolate milk to "eat" with a spoon. It tasts very good, other countries, other customs.
After 5 more miles we are back in Germany. The 10th. and last state on our trip Bavaria.
The first city is Waldsassen with a huge basilica. This morning our hostess said if we go through Waldsassen, we have to see this Basilica. From the inside it is very richly decorated with lots of angels, sculptured Saints, colourful paintings and plenty of gold leaf. On each altars side is a shrine. There is not just a piece of relic in it but a whole skeleton, dressed in splendid robes and decorative features, e.g. finger rings and necklaces. I get a strange feeling the way the dead saints look at me.
In Tirchenreuth, a town with a beautiful square, of which each house is immaculately maintained, we learn that the next campsite is in Neustadt an der Waldnaab.
This evening there is a concert on the campsite with the local brass band. They play a generous selection of vivacious tunes including the beautiful song, "Blauer Donau". In 2 days we will see how blue the river "Danube" really is.

Tirschenreuth - Neustadt an der Waldnaab

Many houses have solar panels on their roofs

Brass-band musik at the camping

Neustadt an der Waldnaab - Eixendorfer Stausee (Rötz)

Day 34 Friday, 17th. July 2009
Kilometre: 79.38 total 2978.53
Altitude: ---- 961 total --12106
Average: --------------------17.5
Time: 4:31 ------- total -159:47
Neustadt an der Waldnaab - Weiden - Oberviechtag - Rötz - Eixdorfer Stausee.



We cycle on the A road 22, sometimes with, sometimes without a cycle path. This part of Bavaria is called "Oberpfalz",
The city of Weiden has a beautiful old town with houses, such as in Amsterdam but the façade are plastered and painted with different colours.
In Oberviechtag we meet 2 hikers on a terrace. It is their 9th. day of walking. Each one carries 10 kilograms on his back and walk 20 kilometres a day. This must be very strenuous. I prefer the double weight on my bike.
The campsite at Eixendorfersee is located on a slope and is constructed in terraces. That way, people have a beautiful view on the lake.

Terraced campsite


Eixendorfer Stausee - Straubing.

Day 35 Saturday, 18th. July 2009
Kilometre: 82.47 total -- 3143.79
Altitude: ---- 425 total ---- 12531
Average: ---------------------- 18.3
Temperature: ---------- 15 º 18 ºc
Time: 4:29 --------total ---164:16
Eixendorfersee - Rötz - Cham - Stallwang - Straubing.

Many artifical ponds

Original inn

Gate in true Bavarian Colour

Tonight I had to get up to tighten the ropes of the tent. The next morning when we are leaving we see how strong the gale mast have been, trees, branches and twigs everywhere.
After a few kilometres it begins to rain, sometimes violently sometimes light rain.
After 33 kilometre non stop rain we reach Cham. First thing we do is to have a good breakfast then we go to the tourist info to book a night in the youth hostel in Straubing. We are lucky in Bavaria as the school holidays begin in August therefore there's enough place in the youth hostel.
For lunch, we stop in a Stallwang. At the entrance is a pole with features of different guild. To be seen in many villages in Bavaria. We enter a quaint pub painted in the colours of Bavaria "blue and white". In the corner hangs a crucifix; we are in Bavaria.
The Bavarian Forest is a very beautiful landscape, a pity that it's raining the whole day.

Landmark of Straubing

on a sunday morning

Straubing - Passau

Day 36 Sunday, 19th. July 2009
Kilometres: 109.59 total 3253.38
Altitude: -----226 --total --12757
Average: --------------------- 19.4
Temperature: ----------18 º 23 ºc
Time: 5:38 ---------total -169:54
Straubing - Deggendorf - Vilshofen - Irring - Passau - Irring.

Danube^ Mariaposching>

Bridge before Deggendorf

The Danube carries a lot of water

Left and right Deggendorf

Before we start cycling along the river Danube we make a sightseeing tour through the city of Straubing.
The city on this Sunday morning is almost abandoned, ideal to cycle.
Quick we find the Danube Cycle Path, one of the most famous cycle routes in Europe.
The first break is in Deggendorf. We see many Danube cyclists sitting on a terrace enjoying their first break.
We remain on the north side of the river until Vilshofen which is on the other side. To visit the town and to have lunch we cross the bridge.
We stay on the north side until shortly before Passau.
There should be a youth hostel and camping in the city.
We ask passers-by for the camping. We have to cross the bridge to the northern side and see a sign for the camping which shows upstream along the river Danube. We follow the signs on a one-way street with a lot of traffic.
At a gas station, I ask if we cycle the right way. The answer is two more kilometres.
After 5 kilometres, we are back in Irring where we have been one hour before. It is a real odyssey. Later we learn that in Passau actually is a campsite but not signposted.



Danube cycle path

Danube cycle path

Left and right Vilshofen

Motorway bridge 10 Kilometre befor Passau

Irring - Braunau (Österreich)

Day 37 Monday, 20th. July 2009
Kilometre: -83.21 total 3336.59
Altitude: ----- 260 total --13017
Average: ---------------------17.6
Temperature: ---------16 º 25 ºc
Time: 4:43 --------total -174: 37
Irring - Passau - (Innradweg) - Neuhaus - Pocking - Kirchham - Ering - Braunau (Austria)

Danube sluise

Town hall in Passau

Cathedral in Passau

Garden at the Inn cycle path

Electical power station at the river Inn

I put my Bike computer at zero to see how much the detour has been. Exactly 11 kilometres, that makes 22 in total. On a cycle path a detour doesn't matter, but in such a dangerous road without bike path, 1 Km is already too much.
Passau is worth seeing and we cycle through the city. Rika need Euros so we are looking for a bank to fill up her purse.
2 rivers are flowing into the Danube at Passau, the Ilz from the north and Inn from the south. We are looking for the Inn which will be our companion for the next few days.
The first 10 kilometres are on gravel roads through the forest, with the river on the left side. Sometimes with a 15% slope, so that the rear wheel almost spins.
On a computer I see that in Braunau (on the Austrian side) is a campsite. It is the only one in the area.
In Ering we see a well known sign "detour" but luckily there is a power plant in the river Inn with a footbridge so we continue on a bike path on the Austrian side of the Inn to Braunau.

Coffee break in Ering

Chapel in Tutting

Castle on the Austrian side of the Inn

Braunau - Soyen (Wasserburg)

Day 38 Tuesday, 21st. July 2009
Kilometre: -- 93.42 total 3430.01
Altitude: -------445 total --13462
Average: ---------------------- 18.0
Temperature: -----------19 º 30 ºc
Time: 5:11 --------- total -179:48
Braunau - Marktl - Neuötting - Mühldorf - Waldkraiburg - Aschau - Gars - Soyen.

Millions of dead admonish

City gate in Braunau

Hitlers birthplace

Farmer and priest have the same clock

The Inn at Marktl (Birthplace of Pope Benedict XVI)

We cycle through the town of Braunau and come to a house with a memorial stone on the pavement. On this stone I read; for peace, freedom and democracy, never again fascism, millions of dead admonish. In this house Hitler was born.
We follow the Inn via Maktl to Neuötting, a beautiful town with a large square in the centre, ideal for a break.
We cycle on the A road 12 until Mühldorf and then overland along the Inn via Waldkraiburg and Gars to Lengmoos. From here it is 4 km to the camping in Soyen. Unfortunately the road is blocked and we see the familiar sign "detour." Now it is 15 km instead of 4 via the A road 15. Fortunately, this road has a bike path.

Marketplace Neuötting

Strange nests

Solar panel

Rika on her Flyer

Camping in Soyen

Guild tree in Soyen

Soyen - Stallauer Weiher (Bad Tolz)

Day 39 Wednesday, 22st July 2009
Kilometre: ------96.64 total 3526.65
Altitude: ---------- 679 total --14141
Average: ------------------------- 17.7
Temperature: --------------20 º 30 ºc
Time: 5:27 -------------total -185:15
Soyensee - Rott am Inn - Lampferding - Tuntenhausen - Beyharting - Bruckmühl - Westerham - Weyarn - Warngau - Piesenkam - Sachsenkam - Bad Tölz.

Between Rott and Tuntenhausen

You see them many times in Bavaria

Coming home, do you see the church that way if you are a little tipsy?

Beyharting Johan-Baptist-Church


Religiosity is deeply rooted


Although it didn't rain, we wrap the tent wet.
After 20 kilometres with almost no wind, we reach Rott am Inn.
A man at the table next to us, who is also having breakfast, is interested in our journey. He asked us whether he may draw on my map the best route. In dotted line, he drew all the way to Bad Tölz. It is perhaps not the most simple (2 times 17% and daily height of 679m.) but certainly the most beautiful and tranquil.
Pictures of Bad Tölz, I have seen on television from the TV show "Der Bulle von Tölz". It is actually nicer than I have in memory, in addition, the river Isar with nice beaches for swimming.
The camping in Stallauer Weiher has a restaurant with "Biergarten" so that we can close the day with a big beer. After such a strenuous day I think we deserve it.

Today we see the 2nd times this sign

The Alps in the background


Church in Bad Tölz


Bad Tölz

The river Isar in Bad Tölz

Bad Tölz - Lechbruck

Day 40 Thursday, 23th. July 2009
Kilometre: ---72.72 total 3599.37
Altitude: --------556 total --14697
Average: -----------------------17.1
Temperature: -----------20 º 35 ºc
Time: 4:14 ----------total -189:29
Bad Tölz - Bichl - Sindelsdorf - Murnau - Bad Kohlgrub - Steingaden - Lechbruck.

Painted house in Bad Tolz

Bad Kohlgrub

Bad Kohlgrub

We start the day with good bike paths along the A road 427 to the west. Unfortunately, they disappear after many kilometres. The wind comes from the side and increases the longer we journey. Sudden gust of wind force us to leave the road. From Sindelsdorf on we go on smaller roads towards Murnau.
Murnau is located on a lake with a campground however it is too early to call it a day. Kohlgrub is a beautiful town with a store, where we find everything for a picnic.
For the afternoon there are about 40 kilometres to go via Steingaden to Lechbruck.
In the evening I clean the chains of the two bikes with a degreaser for the last time on this trip. If the chains are dry tomorrow morning, I will put some oil.

This road is called "Romantic Road"

20 Km and prohibited for cars

Lechbruck - Isny

Day 41 Friday, 24th. July 2009
kilometre: 91.37 total 3690.74
Altitude: ----780 total --15477
Average: -------------------17.9
Temperature: -------17 º 24 ºc
Time: 5:06 -------total 194:35
Lechbruck - Burggen - Marktoberdorf - Unterthingau - Wilpoldsried - Betzigau - Kempten - Buchenbreg - Isny.


Between Kempten and Isny




Before Kempten with the Alps in the background

We leave Lechbruck with overcast skies in the southeast and bright blue in the northwest. Judging by the wind, the cloudless sky in the North should win.
We cycle along the river Lech to the north on which the road is blocked for cars.
20 kilometres on such quiet road until we reach the A road 472 is fantastic. There is no wind and traffic within limits.
The bike computer shows 45 kilometres when we reach Marktoberdorf.
Friday is market day and a hustle and bustle in the city. When we come back from breakfast there are 4 people around the e-bike. They want to know everything about the bike. How it works, what is the range, how long it takes until the battery is charged etc. They have already heard about it and want to buy one too.
Enough of the A road 472, we continue our way to Kempten on quieter roads through small farming villages.
In Bavaria and in North Germany we see lot of houses with solar panels on their roofs. It is possible that subsidies are different from country to country.
We have to climb a little pass over a distance of 5 miles to Buchenberg.
Rika is far ahead and overtake a man who pushes his bicycle. He sees that I cycle afterwards, he looks again to Rika then to me. It looks like he thinks there must be something wrong, a woman ahead and the man afterwards.
Isny in Allgäu is a pretty town with a few onion cupola towers of which we have seen so many in Bavaria, houses with coloured walls and a beautiful square. Isny is the first city in Baden - Wuerttemberg and we have left Bavaria.

Between Kempten und Isny

Isny - Steckborn (Schweiz)

Day 42 Saturday, 25th. July 2009
Kilometres: 113.06 total 3803.38
Altitude: ----795 --- total - 16272
Average: -----------------------18.3
Temperature: -----------14 º 25 ºc
Time: 6:09 ---------- total -200:44
Isny - Eglofs - Wangen - Neukirch - Steinenbach - Langnau - Kressbron.

Isny with 3 towers

Historical procession in Wangen


Isny centre


Hops, size in comparison with the bike

Gate in Wangen


Guild tree at the lake of Constance

Until Eglofs is a cycle path, the rest to Wangen is careful cycling. The traffic is within limits this Saturday morning.
In the city is a hustle and bustle. We soon find out that a parade will take place. People in medieval clothes run around. Men with halberds and women bear fruit baskets. We look at the parade for about one hour then we try to leave the city, which is not so easy. A police officer gives us some hints with secret paths we can go. Soon we find the river Argen which we follow all the way to Kressbron at lake Constance.
In the afternoon we cycle along the Lake via Friedrichshafen to Meersburg.
The last ferry on our Germany tour will take us from here to Constance.
We cross the border to Switzerland and cycle along the "Untersee" to Steckborn which is for us a well known path. The campsite is separated, cyclists on the East, side caravans to the west.

Grapes at the lake of Constance

Ferry Meersburg - Constance

Camping for cyclists

Steckborn - Bremgarten

Day 43 Sunday, 26th. July, 2009
Kilometres: 118.36 total 3921.74
Altitude: -------514 total -- 16786
Average: -----------------------20.3
Temperature: -----------14 º 27 ºc
Time: 5:49 ---------total ---206:38
Steckborn - Schaffhausen - Neunkirch (Klettgau) - Lauchringen - Waldshut - Brugg - Bremgarten.



On this bridge in Waldshut, the tour around Germany ends

To conclude our trip we have a good meal in Waldshut




Early in the morning we start cycling along the "Untersee", and later we follow the Rhine.
At 9 a.m. we are already in Schaffhausen.
We miss the open bakeries on Sunday we used to have breakfast in Germany, all are closed in Schaffhausen.
We know that all central stations in Switzerland have a buffet (station restaurant) which are open on Sundays. We even get fresh "croissants".
A man at the table next to us is interested in our trip, suggests to cycle through Klettgau a region well known for wine-growing.
Why is it so easy to cycle today? Is it we sniff the air of home? No, today is the first day we have a tail wind. It feels like I get electrical support too also after more than 3000 kilometres headwind. (Daily average 20.3)
12 o'clock sharp we reach Waldshut and realize that the Germany tour gets to its end. That will be celebrated with a good lunch and alcohol free beer. A glass of wine will be taken at home, because we have to go another 40 kilometres to get home in Bremgarten.

Back home

in Bremgarten