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A spring trip around the Napf Mountain 6,7,8,9. May 2016 (CH.)

Day 1: May 6th, 2016
Bremgarten - Mauensee / Sursee
Km. 41,54
Time: 2:28
Height 598 meters

Achieved Hallwilersee. I look forward to the beautiful view of the Alps.

Looking back at the Hallwilersee. Now 200 meters up direction Beromünster.

The views of the Alps are good today.

I am happy that

the rapefields now blooming

in their bright yellow.

The weather forecast for the next 4 days promises no rain but plenty of sun
ideal to start the cycling season. A circumnavigation of the Napf (a mountain between Bern and Luzern) is this year on my wish list.
On Friday 2 o'clock in the afternoon I attach my luggage bags on my bike and start from my hometown, Bremgarten, direction Hallwilersee.

Lake Sempach

Old town of Sursee

When I reach the lake I am pleasantly surprised by the beautiful and clear views of the Alps. I cycle around the lake to Mosen. Here begins a small slope of 200 meters to Schwarzenbach. After a few kilometers I am in Beromünster and cycle along the building of the former Swiss radio station. Soon I have a wonderful overview of the lake of Sempach with the Alps in the background. After 150 meters down I am in the medieval town of Sursee. Outside Sursee I find the campsite and put my tent up. After a shower and changing my clothes I make a Stroll to Mauensee, a lake of about 500 meters distant. In the evening I cycle without luggage into the beautiful old town of Sursee.

Day 2: May 7th, 2016
Sursee - Gohl (Emmental)
Km. 70,10
Time 4:33
Height 1316 meters

A castle on an island in Mauensee.

In the center of Willisau

I am still in the canton of Lucerne.

Many farms produce their own electricity.

Again in the countryside.

A beautiful place to relax.

I stay a little longer in my tent because it is still a bit chilly in the early morning.
At 9am I am ready to start the day.
There is a castle on a small island in Lake Mauensee which is accessible via a privately owned bridge.
The apple trees are in bloom around the castle.
In Willisau I have breakfast to strengthen the cycle-day. I have boiling water with me so I can have a picnic later on and enjoy this beautiful weather.

Church and inn in Luthern.

Center of Luthern.

<I cycle along many small streams.

The apples are in full bloom.

Very hilly Emmental.

Mowing on such steep slopes is not always safe

I choose the small roads around the Napf Mountain. In Hergiswil b.w. I take the first right over a small ridge into Lutherntal. (Chruzstigen 800M.) The village has a beautiful church and a powerful Gasthof-Krone. The hostess wishes me a nice onward journey. "Enjoy the weather" she tells me. (I will certainly do)

Between Sursee and Willisau it is still quite flat.

On the far right a farmer collects beer cans on his land so that the cows can eat safely. Unbelievable how much filth are thoughtlessly thrown from the windows of cars.

Here between Hergiswil and Luthern it gets a bit hilly.

While I take a few photos at a viewpoint, a farmer comes along with a handful of empty beer cans. He tells me that he collect the cans every day because they are dangerous for his cows. If the grass is too high, he cannot see any at all. If he mows his meadows the cans get in tiny pieces which can be eaten by the cows and suffer an agonizing death. Especially we bicycle-riders see often a lot of beer cans and plastic waste along the street sides. I'm annoyed about this filth, discard into the ditch; I don't understand the thoughtless motorists.
Between Hofstatt and Eriswil ones again I cycle over a hill crest with the funny name "Dürschwäldiwald".

A new range of hills between Hofstatt and Eriswil.

Via Dürschwändiwald I get to Eriswil.

Here in Wasen im Emmental begins the ascent to the Lüderenalp.

In Eriswil I have a break and chat with a retired farmer about God and the world. He said I should be careful because last week there was a collision between a bicycle and car. A helicopter brought the cyclists to the hospital.
After Eriswil it starts the rise to the summit called Fritzenfluh. A small tunnel ensures that I do not need to the very top which is only reachable on foot. Until Wasen in Emmental it starts going down for 4 Km.
I wonder why the Church of Wasen has a cross on top. I'm in Emmental and here is Evangelical country. Usually only Catholic churches have a cross and the Protestants a cocků.
I cycle 350 meters up to the Lüderenalp over a distance of 6 km. with a slope of partially 12%. Despite having electric assistance I cannot go into the highest level of support. Would I do that, I wouldn't come far, and the rest I would have to go without electric power at all. Not to mention that my bike and luggage together weighs 45 kilos.
Until Langnau (main place for this district) it is all the way down. It's Saturday and I want to go shopping for tomorrow. After shopping I cycle back into the Gohl valley up to the Camping Mettlen.

On the way to Eriswil.

The Church of Eriswil and the way to Wasen i. Emmental.

Wasen i. Emmental.

Fritzenfluh left and up looking back at Wasen. I.E.

Gohl valley

Camping Mettlen in Gohl

On early morning the sun is already in the Narrow valley.

Day 3: May 8th, 2016
Km. 88,11
Time 4:30
Height: 740 meters

I cycle from the tranquil Gohl valley direction Entlebuch

After about 7 Km. I turn in Trubschachen and follow the river until Mettlenalp.

When I get up, my tent is already dried by the sun. The valley is quite narrow, I didn't expect the sun so early in the morning but my tent is on a sunny place.
After 5 Km I am on the main road leading through the Entlebuch valley.
I already leave the road at Tubschachen for a trip towards Mettlenalp via Trub and Fankhaus then I have to go on foot.

New house in traditional construction.

I cycle slowly up the valley,

along hamlets

and farms

always following the creek.

In this way, I'm on the road. 4 bags a handlebar bag and a sleeping bag.

Here at the restaurant Mettlen the road ends.

One hour on foot to the left and for mountain bikes right.

Herd of cows bullocks and calfs all together.

The road goes up to 1,060 meters to the restaurant Mettlenalp. I enjoy a coffee on the terrace and change my bike dresses. There are two ways from this side to reach the top. One way is by foot; the other is for bikers without luggage. Both are very, very steep. The summit is at 1400m, a height difference of 340 meters.
I am glad that the climb goes through a forest, so I save some drops of sweat.
A traffic sign shows that it takes an hour to get to the top. The partly natural staircases are quite high. Within 50 minutes it's done. I am flabbergasted of the fact that so many people are on top. There is no train or cable car. I even see some bikes. But the summit is reachable from different directions.
The view is breathtaking despite the day not being entirely clear.
After a few photos from different perspectives I begin the descent of 40 minutes which is not as exhausting as the ascent.

An outlook into the distance

Through the forest on natural stairs.


Some of the steps are handmade.

The vision could be clearer but still a nice view.

This trail from the Napfmountain to Romoos is eastwards. One way is 3 hours.

Back on the main road, I pass the Kambly biscuits factory, for most of the Swiss, a known brand. Affiliated is a store and restaurant and it is open on Sunday. It is a good chance for a breather.

A last look at the farms and their many access roads, then I walk back down to the restaurant Mettleralp where I parked my bike

Steep down.


and follow the river to the main road.

The boss shows how to do it,

Kamblyfactory in Entlebuch.

and the students try to imitate.

In Escholsmatt is a watershed. The Ilfis flows westwards, which leads through Langnau into the river Grosse Emme and the Kleine Emme eastward. That means I cycle very gently down to Wolhusen. There I turn to the left, direction Willisau. Being it a main road I fear the heavy traffic. All worried for nothing because there is a beautiful bike path, almost continuously to Willisau.
Between 5pm and 6pm I put my tent up on the campsite of Sursee.

The Ilfis and the kleine Emme

flowing through the Entlebuch valley.


Wolhusen - Willisau, beautiful bike path.

Passing the radio station and

continue through the town of Beromünster

Day 4: May 9th,2016
Km. 40,65
Time 2:14
Height 485 meters.

Now actually I have circled the mountain "Napf", and I'm glad that everything worked out so well when it comes to weather, breakdowns and health.
First I go into the city Sursee to find a restaurant for breakfast.
Now I cycle leisurely the same way back as I came 3 days ago and reach around noon my hometown, Bremgarten.

One last look back at the alps. Another 15 km. and I'm back at home after a great circumnavigation.