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I started my tour through Austria, July 23rd till August 16th 2012 in Bremgarten C.H.

Via Liechtenstein and South-Tyrol I cycled eastward around the Neusiedler Sea to Bratislava (SK)

The way back; up the Danube, Salzburg, Zell am See. Over the Gerlos and Arlbergpass to Feldkirch and via the valley Toggenburg in Switzerland back home.

the city Zug with its lake ^

< Monastery at Kappel a. Albis

Monday, 23th July 2012 Zurich - Triessen
Km. --123.50
Height 791m.

a peaceful countryside between Hirzel and Samstagern

the Sihl at Sihlbrugg

After a long rainy season the weather forecast announce a stable high. The panniers are packed quickly and I say goodbye to Bremgarten until in 4 weeks.
Via Sihlbrugg and Hirzelpass I cycle along Lake Zurich to Tuggen. My friends live here and I want to say goodbye. After a coffee with cake, Kurt accompanied me to the Walensee. He shows me how I can reach the two tunnels for bikes only on back roads. The way leads along the Walensee to Walenstadt.

restoration of the Linthcanal to its natural state takes progress.

Lachen at the Obersee


Kurt accompanying me a while.

I wanted to stay there, but it's too early and I decide to go a little further.
In Liechtenstein, Triessen, is a campsite to stay.
With a plate full of fine things and a beer, I sit down at a table with 2 campers from Dresden and a Dutch woman who is on her way to Rome. We chat until it gets dark.
I'm so tired; I'll sleep like a log.

the Walensee

Amden very remote

castle Sargans

bidge to Liechtenstein

the Rhine separates Switzerland from Liechtenstein

Tuesday 24th July 2012 Triessen - Gaschurn
Km. -73.22 total 196.72
Height 681 total --1'472

government building in Vaduz. Top left you can see the palace from the prince

from this castle the prince can have a look at his people.

the Swiss operate the customs office in Liechtenstein.

Many Dutchmen with bikes leave the campsite at the same time as I do; their goal is Rome.
I'm. at the Liechtenstein / Austrian border at 9 am. Swiss customs officers inspect the border. I have not the impression that Liechtenstein is a different country. The stores are the same; the currency is Swiss francs, and at the border Swiss customs officers.
I walk through the old town center of Feldkirch. Today is market day, together with the beautiful weather, it gives a pleasant atmosphere.

market day in Feldkirch

water tower at Feldkirch


gun powder tower

the water from the Arlberg and Montafon valley gets exploited to generate electricity.

and suddenly a beautiful chapel ^

< a waterfall in the Montafonvalley

It is about 20 Km. to Bludenz where I turn right in the Montafon valley.
I come to the first village at high noon, time to have lunch in a restaurant with a sunshade place in the center of Vandans.
At 3:30pm. I'm already at the campsite in Gaschurn. I wash my bike-clothes by hand, sufficient time to dry in the hot afternoon sun.
Apart from the many camping vans, comes a French family with a car and tent. The little girl, about 8 year may choose where to pitch the tent. She has difficulty to decide for which space and changes it a few times.

water from the Vermunt reservoir is clear

view from the campsite in Gaschurn.

Wednesday 25th July 2012 Gaschurn - Umhausen (Oetztal)
Km. -114.62 total 311.34
Height 1605-total - 3'077

ascent to the Silvrettapass

they wait until the rain is over; I put on my pelerine and cycle on

residual clouds while climbing

A few kilometers after leaving the campsite in Gaschurn (altitude.900m.) the switchbacks begins. On my map I read 14% ascent.
A roof of a cabin gives me protection against the onset of rain, so that I can put on my rain clothes. Two racers are looking for protection too and want to wait until the rain is over. However, I pull over my pelerine and start with the 20 km. ascent.
From experience I know that I'll soon be sweating, so I just wear my bike jersey under the pelerine, this way plenty of fresh air can cool my body. After many bends there is a short plateau along the Vermunt Reservoir. The rain has stopped and the two racers pass me.
Now a few more Serpentines and I'm on the pass called the "Bielerhöhe" on 2037m.
A walk around the lake needs two hours. At the end of the lake runs a path to the Swiss Silvrettahütte, (mountain hut) at 2341m.

Vermunt artifical lake

on top

Silvretta artifical lake

Paznaun valley

Galtür, the weather is capricious

I come into the Inn valley

The sun comes out and I can take some pictures. I need to put on warm cloths as it blows a strong wind. Now a Belgian couple gets to the summit, which I've passed on the ascent. We converse in Dutch because they come from Flanders (Dutch-speaking part).
I begin with the descent from 2037m. to 817m. Roaring down 55 kilometers to Landeck is a pleasure. Once there, it's only 13:00h I decide to cycle as far as possible up into the Oetztal valley. I reach the camping in Umhausen. There is a cozy restaurant for dinner. I'll take a pint of beer to quench my thirst and as a nightcap.

the beautiful cycle path along the River Inn, only occasionally I encounter cyclists.

Mairhof in the Inn Valley, from here I bend into the Oetztal

< branch of the Inn river

Thursday, 26th July 2012 Umhausen - St. Leonard (South Tyrol)
Km. -390.35 total 79.01
Height 1592 total 4'669

Oetz valley, river Ache

a few galleries at Gurgler Ache

The sun is already there, but the mountains prevent the sun's rays to dry my wet tent. I pack the tent in a plastic bag; at the next picnic I will spread out the wet parts to let it dry.
I get to the famous ski resort of Sölden after some 20 km. and 300m. altitude. Somewhere outside the village I find a nice place with a bench and table for my breakfast and I spread the tent to dry. Around this time, the sun has enough power to dry the tent.
Immediately after Sölden the climb begins to the Gurgler Ache indicated with a 15% slope.
Once on the plateau it is noon, time for lunch. I go into a restaurant and ask the hostess if it is possible to connect my battery during lunch to the plug, this makes it possible to cycle the last stretch in a higher support mode to the summit of Timmelsjoch. Fortunately I ask how much it costs. She says 20 for the connection, and I say goodbye. I go to the next restaurant and the host laughs when I tell him the experience I've just had; he says if I have lunch, of course it is free.
Something about the cost of charging: The battery, if it is completely empty, will be full charged with 380 watts and needs about 3 hours. A kilowatt costs about 20 cents i.e. one hour will bee about 7 cents.

lunch at Poschach

many passes are subject to tolls

after Hochgurgl an 150m. descent

switchback 10

top of the Timmelsjoch

over the tree line

It is again superb weather. Without sunscreen I would probably have a sunburn.
The descent from Trimmelsjoch to St. Leonard is the nicer side, both landscape as well as the many switchbacks.
St. Leonard has neither a campsite nor a hostel, but there is a tourist office, which organizes a private accommodation at the center.

soon I'm on top

now 22 kilometer down

still no trees

splendid panorama, the Passeier valley

at the bottom is St.Leonard

only a short distance

Friday, 27th July 2012 St. Leonard - Brixen
Km. --67.35 total 457.70
Height 1507 total -6'176

goodbye St. Leonard

just a little stretch and I'm on top

Yesterday I had already paid for the accommodation, so I can leave whenever I want.
I wonder if I manage the 1350m. altitude with my battery. If I stay in the lowest level of support (35%) it should go.
In the beginning and before the summit, there are wide switchbacks and the slope is with 12% not extreme. The whole descent to Sterzing is made with short switchbacks. After every bend the panorama looks different. One of the most beautiful descents I ever cycled.

restautant on the Jaufenpass

on top of the Jaufenpass

more motorcyclists than cyclists

a hamlet on the way to Sterzing

Sterzing on the Brenner route

a castle near Sterzing

From Sterzing to Brixen I'm on the Brenner route. I cycle along the river Eisack. In Franzensfeste is a hydroelectric power station just near a fortress built by Ferdinand Keiser 1 of Austria, The fortress was build to secure the major transport route across the Brenner.
On the campsite of Varna1 km. north of Bressanone, I pitch my tent.
The prices for putting up a tent in Austria are between 10 and 15 here in Italy they charge 25.
The place is so tiny that my pegs bordering the neighbor's car. Coming out of the shower cabin, I stand in a puddle of water. The quality is in great contrast with the accompanying 4 star hotel.

a beautiful view here on the Jaufenpass.

The river Eisack between Sterzing and Brixen

fortres in Franzensfeste built by Emperor Franz I

Bike path through the upper Pusteria valley

Saturday, 28th July 2012 Brixen - Lienz
Km 116.73 total 574.43
Height 790 total - 6'966

review on Brixen

Soil flow, the bike path has been transferred to the left side

Bike path and highway parallel

Again it looks like a beautiful sunny day. When I wake up, the sun has already dried the tent.
At 8pm. I start cycling towards Bruneck. After about 25 Km. and 250 meters ascent along the river Rienz I get to the city.
After a short stroll through Bruneck I continue to Toblach. It suddenly starts raining. I still have time to flee in a restaurant. Anyway, it's 12 o'clock and time for lunch. I see that a campsite is connected to the restaurant. I can connect the battery during lunch, to continue the journey with nearly full battery. Fortunately, it has ceased to rain by the time I'm leaving the Restaurant.

river Rienz is dammed at Niederrasen. Here I noticed that I missed the Anholzer valley.

the Dolomites seen from the Pusteria ^

< the young river Drava

< The Pusteria with the river Drava ^

Candido with collegiate church Candidus from the 13th century, crypt of the 10th century>

I wanted to go up the Antholz valley, but I missed the turnoff. On my map, I look what alternatives I have. The mountain peaks are in the clouds and the fact that here below is a superb cycle path to Lienz, doesn't make the decision hard. I continue cycling through the Puster valley uninterrupted for 45 km., finest bike trail with asphalt surface to Lienz.
I come to the watershed after only 5 km. in San Candido. Here in the immediate vicinity is the source of river Drava, which flows after many, many miles as a broad river on the border, Croatia / Yugoslavia into the Danube.
Candido is a little gem that attracts many tourists. In the center is a church of the Holy Candidus and Korbinian, a grand Romanesque building from the 13th Century with an impressive tower. Crypt and frescos are from the 10th Century.
On the camp in Lienz I do a hand wash, it's too late to dry and use the tumbler. The camp is set up perfectly, including lounge and restaurant.

the end of the Pusteria valley

Lienz capital of East Tyrol

Sunday, 29th July 2012 Lienz - Millstättersee (Pesenthein)
Km. 90.05 total 664.48
Height. 21 total --7'317


seen from the camping in Lienz

a nice building

I cycle at a low pace criss-cross through the city of Lienz (capital of East Tyrol).
Either the people are all very pious on this Sunday morning and are in the church, or may be in bed, because last night was a celebration. In any case, I see only occasionally a few people.
I see an older man and two women with bikes, and a couple from Baden-Württemberg. We chat for a while and then everyone goes their own pace. During this day we see each other from time to time and we wave.

the Drava has become a river

Historic Market Square in Oberdrauburg

on the Drau cycle path

All "Marterl" have a roof but this one is exaggerated. >

Millstättersee at dusk

After 20 km, I arrive at Oberdrauburg. I've read that there is a beautiful Historic Market Square, at which I'll have a look. Anyway, it's time for breakfast. It is mainly the bakery with terrace that attracts me magical.
I realize that I am a week on the road, because I eat almost twice as much as at home.
I follow the Drava to Spittal and turn left to Millstättersee.
In the well furnished campsite in Pesenthein I stay for the night.

Dellach at Millstättersee

on the campsite in Pesenthein


Monday, 30th July 2012 Pesentheim 2012 - Klagenfurt.
Km. 85.40 -total 749.88
Height 443 total --7'760

on the way to Villach I pass

two small lakes,

the Feldsee and Afritzersee

Last night it rained, but when I get up it's dry.
On the way to Villach I pass two small lakes, the Feldsee and Afritzersee.
I want to cycle into the center of Villach, but with my bike is not possible to get through, as I come at an annual feast.
At the station are benches under trees, a beautiful place to prepare a coffee. I always have a liter of boiling water with me in a thermo-bottle.
A man comes up to me and wants to know about my journey. He is interested in my electric bike and wants to hear all about it. He has just installed solar panels on his roof and is now independent in terms of energy.
Solar energy seems to be a very topical issue.
To find the right way from Villach to Wöhrtersee is not easy with a bike. I need to ask often, because signs are rare. Between Villach and Velden I have picnic, a cyclist comes by and asks if I have a map with me. He makes a day trip and can not find the way back. The Dutchman has assumed that all routes are labeled like in Holland, but he is wrong.
He has completely lost his way, without a map you are lost. I can give him only the direction.
The Wörthersee is a well known lake and accordingly, there are lots of tourists. Luckily almost the entire south side of the lake has a bike path.
When I reach Klagenfurt I see a signpost "youth hostel". They even have a single room available.

the Wörthersee in the afternoon

and evening

Tuesday 31st July 2012 Klagenfurt - Mühlen (north to the river Mur)
Km. -70.14 total 820.02
Height 589 total --8'349

landmark at Klagenfurt; Lindwurmbrunnen ^

Maria-Theresia monument >

"Wörthersee Mandl" a legendary figure from the legend of the creation of the Wörthersee.

inner courtyard from the Landhaus 1574-1590

Parish church with carillon


Landhaus at Klagenfurt

After breakfast at the open buffet I need only to attach the panniers on my bike and go ahead.
It is wonderfully to ride through the city center so early in the morning.
I got a plan of Klagenfurt in the Y.H. with the main attractions.
From Klagenfurt I cycle north to Brückl. Today is very different from yesterday along the lake with the many tourists. As soon as I have the left the conurbation, it is pure peace and quiet.

superstition earlier times > ^

Slide across the lap promised large number of children >

church at Wieting

castle Eberstein

splendid bouquet of flowers

shortly before Hüttenberg

After about 50 kilometers I come in Hüttenberg / Knappenberg. Exactly 100 years ago Heinrich Harrer was born and buried here. For climbers and especially Swiss climber, he is well known. He is the conqueror of the Eiger north side in the Bernese Oberland. As an author, he wrote about his stay in Tibet. The book "Seven Years in Tibet" was filmed in 1956. In the village are a Heinrich Harrer Museum and a Tibetan pilgrim path on the cliff opposite the museum.
A little further is a small lake with a campsite. I am already here at 3pm. and decide for a lazy day.

The Lingkor at Hüttenberg

Exactly 100 years ago Heinrich Harrer was born here. Vis a vis is the Museum.

a few miles away is the moor Hörfeld

click to read

camping at a secluded lake

small lake with camping

Wednesday, 01st August 2012 Mühlen - Unzmarkt / Frauenburg
Km. -30.24 total 850.26
Height 215 total --8'564

Kulm at Zirbitz

a hamlet shortly before Neumarkt

The weather forecast announces a nice and hot day.
After Neumarkt I have to cross a small pass. At the top is a sign that it is the highest elevation between Perchauer Sattel 996m and Trieste. There is a road widening with benches and tables, a nice opportunity to clean my chain and cassette after a week cycling. A tractor driver holds and asks "host ne Potsche?" do you have a flat? I say that I only clean my chain. After a while, a truck driver stops and asks if I have problems. I deny, and he wishes me a good onward journey. I'm speechless and touched by this helpfulness. The world looks even rosier to meet such helpful people.

this type of farm houses, I often see

"Marterl" with a slightly more modest roof

Perchau at Sattel

I arrive at 12 o'clock at the family Strugl in Unzmarkt. I worked years ago with Judith on an emergency ward. I receive a warm welcome. We (husband Franz, Gerti and Judith) have a very nice day with a lot of memories to exchange. It's already 20 years ago.

new modern bridge over the Mur

with family Strugl

market place at Unzmarkt

Thursday, 02nd August 2012 Unzmarkt - Langenwang a.d. Mürz
Km. 136.68 total 986.94
Height. 849 total --9'413

goodbye Unzmarkt / Frauenburg

the harvest is in full swing

are this animal barns or warehouses?

After a wonderful breakfast I leave Fam Strugl in Unzmarkt.
Again it is great weather, the wind is coming from behind and it goes a little down along the river Murg. After about 80 km I come to Bruck a.d.Mur. Here I have lunch break and decide to cycle a little further in the afternoon along the Mürz, direction Semmering.
On the marketplace I buy new bike sun-glasses because I forgot my old one at a restaurant in Tyrol

a beautiful landscape in Steiermarkt

hamlet with cornfield

I'm pleasantly surprised how many bike paths are here. Also along the Mürz is one too.
I meet two racers with which I have a chat. They say that it goes up moderately but there is still a little small pass to cross. This small pass crossing has what it takes. Shortly before Langewang I overlook a bike path sign. It goes up and up. After a few km I begin to doubt, and my direction indicator pointing in the wrong direction. Fortunately, a car comes along and I inquire. Yes you have to go back and there is no pass to Langenwang. At the bottom of the valley, I see where I missed the sign. I do not understand this joke of the two racers.

take advantage of the nice weather

and store well ventilated

will it remain dray

an Oriental impression in Bruck a.d.Mur

Bruck a.d. Mur

horse dressage

Friday, 03rd August 2012 -Langenwang - Steinbrunn am See (Burgenland)
Km. -90.19 total 1077.13
Height 424 total ----9'837

cycle path

on the pass


After 5 km. I'm in Mürzzuschlag, end of the old Semmering mountain railway, where I have breakfast.
I have to cycle another 12 km. and 350m altitude more to reach the Semmering Pass.
Semmering is well known for his train railway. It was the first mountain railway in Europe built with a standard gauge trackrailway; it is commonly referred to as the world's first true mountain railway from Gloggnitz over the Semmeringpass to Mürzzuschlag. A Unesco World Heritage

motorway bridge at Aue



Military academy WR.Neustadt

< Water tower at WR.Neustadt

Between Neunkirchen and WR. Neustadt I come to the lowlands. The cities in the lowlands I don't like it so much. The appeal lies rather in the countryside and to ride through small villages with mostly very pretty village centers.
In Neufeld and Steinbrunn are 2 small lakes, each with a campground. The first is full and the second is almost empty. It has many trees with beach access and a restaurant. The opposite side of the lake is Niederösterreich and this is Burgenland.
Today I have been in 3 different states, Steiermark, Niederösterreich and Burgenland.


Camping Steinbrunner See

sunset at Steinbrunner See

Saturday, 04th August 2012 Steinbrunn - Frauenkirchen
Km. 100.83 total 1177.96
Height. 348 total --10'185

Well equipped for winter

Haydn church and chapel in Eisenstadt ^

< Monument in the courtyard

Eszterhàzy Palace

marketplace in Rust

in the center of Rust

At 8am I'm already in the city of Eisenstadt. In this city, the composer Joseph Haydn has spent the majority of his career at the country residence of the wealthy Hungarian family's court Esterházy.
I visit the church and chapel Calvary. (Dedicated to Haydn)
Make another photo from the Esterházy Palace and cycle on towards Rust on Lake Neusiedl. It is a little gem of a town. At many roofs in the city are stork nests, they are all occupied with 2 or 3 storks.

marketplace in Rust ^

such a tree I've ever seen >

To get to the other side of Lake Neusiedl, I have to cycle about 50 km. through Hungary. This is no longer a problem, as Hungary is now also part of the EU. The transition to Hungary can only be seen to the fact that everything is written in another language and at the blue coat of arms of Europe instead of customs.
Outside the center of Sopron (Odenburg) everything is rather dilapidated. The facades outside the center look like a disaster. I have to cycle very carefully to avoid the holes; they are not repaired but marked with a bright, luminous color. I've seen it in Italy too. There are also newly paved roads, unfortunately, very few. I'm Glad to be back in Austria in a couple of hours without having fear for my wheels.
On the campground in Fauenkirchen I can sleep in a caravan from the boss without surcharge. What a service!


they all look to the sun

< small alley in Sopron

the most beautiful street in Sopron

back in the country

a homemade fountain

Burgenland is as flat as Holland (height 126m.)

For one night in a camper

Sunday 05th August -2012 Frauenkirchen - Vienna
Km. 107.47 total 1'285 .43
Height -217 total ---10'402

I pass on the largest Austrian wind farm. Prod over 500 mil. Kw

the houses often exist only in ground floor and roof

the landmark of Bratislava, the castle, is visible from very far away

The small synagogue is made of plastic^

< Old Town has cosy terraces

I pass a wind farm. There are certainly more than 100 wind turbines as far as my eye can see.
It is nice to bike through the small village with its cozy squares on Sunday morning. The houses are almost all one story. The gutter almost can be reached by hand.
Bratislava is not far away. A large white castle is visible from far away. (Hungarian residence of Empress Maria Theresa). I have been told that it is worthwhile to look at the old town.
Indeed it is a beautiful old town with many terraces on both sides of the road, beautiful buildings and a promenade with work of art.

the beautifully maintained old town of Bratislava

the promenade with artwork

in Bratislava on the right bank of the Danube

some 40 km of flat dead straight bike path

strictly protected: do they know it?

the campsite in Vienna on the left bank

Cycling back across the bridge to the right side of the Danube, I am directly on the Danube Bike Trail. Now I don't need to look at my map any longer. The bike trail leads me along the Danube to Vienna.
The Danube is straitened with dykes, but the floodplains are left to its origin and are now a National Park.
From the dykes I can see the Danube's origin's waterways.
The trails are straight many kilometers. The headwind is strong and with this temperature, more than 30 degrees and partly gravel roads, it is exhausting and boring.
At the campsite I can see that I am on the Danube Bike Path. A lot of cyclists with tents, I've never seen so many.

Monday, 06th August 2012 Vienna - Rossatz (Krems)
Km. 100.44 total 1 '385 .87
Height ---81 total ----10'483

this church is located at Mexico Square

in Vienna the Alps are at the end

power station Greifenstein

07:50 I'm leaving the campground and a new day with lot of sunshine begins.
Today there is another flat stage along the Danube, long straight routes in the best condition.
In Tulln the bike path goes to the right side. Mostly it runs on both sides, but from Tulln to Altenwörth (power plant) only right.

with such monotonous straight paths I pay a lot more attention to the nature.

< Milkweed, Silkweed

marketplace in Tulln

an elegant bridge

Convent Göttweig

I'm glad to arrive in Krems, because from here on the flat piece from Bratislava with strong headwinds is over. Now I'm cycling through the Wachau, probably the best part of the Danube.
I'll stay on the right side of the Danube, and have view on the opposite pretty villages such as Weissenkirchen, Spitz and Willendorf.

opposite to the campsite is Dürnstein

Tuesday, 07th August 2012 Rossatz - Dornach
Km. --76.97 total -1'462 .84
Height -235 total ----10'718

the Wachau is probably the best part of the whole Danube


The beautiful Wachau ends in Melk. But I remain on the right side because on the other runs the main road with lots of traffic.
Now it is flat again and I struggle with a strong headwind, I'm glad for some electrical support.
I have a break in Melk and write some postcards to all who don't have a computer. I visit the Benedictine monastery in "Melk" only from the outside; on a guided tour I've been a few years ago.

Monastery Melk (due to the sun I couldn't take a photo. Image is from the internet)

at Ybbs the Wachau is already over

In Erlauf, shortly before Ybbs I have lunch and take the day's menu, Austria national dish dumpling with a pint of non-alcoholic beer. In this heat of over 30 degrees I lose a lot of moisture.
From Ybbs to Hössgang is a fantastic stretch; mostly with view on the Danube and plenty of shade trees. I have a breather on a bench overlooking the Danube. A German cyclist pops up and we chat about our bike tours. He started in Donaueschingen (the source of the Danube) and wants to go to the Black Sea, so he still has a long way to go.
At Dornach is a small island with a private campground. 3 campers, one tent and a small snack bar that is all.
I get a key for the sanitary facilities, because the place is not monitored.

at Grein and Hössgang it is hilly again

camping at Dornach (small island)

Wednesday 08th August 2012 Dornach - Pettenbach
Km. -123.53 total ----1'586 .37
Height - 375 total -------11'093

a mighty tower in Enns

at the entrance of military barracks

a suburb of Linz

I give the sanitary facilities key to the neighbor and continue pursuing the Danube cycle path towards Linz.
On top of a hill lies the city of Enns. The mighty city tower, symbol of the city, was built in 1564-1568 by Ferdinand I and his son Maximilian II at the request of citizens as bells, watch and clock tower. With the award of the city right by Leopold VI in 1212, Enns became a city and is now considered the oldest town in Austria.
I have over 30 km on my bike computer and my stomach starts to complain. I find a bakery, where I get a fine breakfast.
To ride on bike paths to Linz is not easy, and there I want to go.
At last I reach the center through boring suburbs. I'm very disappointed of the city center. To visit this city, I could have saved the extra kilometers cycling through those suburbs.

above and right are pictures of Wels

on the way to Pettenbach

overland route from Wels to Pettenbach, the harvest is already signed and sealed.

On my map is a campsite listed in Wels, but the woman of the tourist info tells me that the campsite doesn't exist any longer. The nearest camping is in Pettenbach and she shows me the best cycle route.
Because it's such a beautiful evening, I'll start with the next 20 Km. It is worth apart from the fact that it is already 7pm at entering the campsite.


a well-kept farm in Pettenbach

in the country

Thursday, 09th August 2012 Pettenbach - St. Wolfgang
Km. --82.24 total --1'668 .61
Height -459 total -----11'552

safety guardrails on both sides for cars. cyclists have no alternatives to get out of the way.

in Scharnstein I cross the river Alm, from here on I cycle over a small pass

on the pass

left around the corner is Gmunden

Gmunden at Traunsee

Between Petttenbach and Gmunden I have to cycle up a small pass elevation of 150m.
Gmunden has a traffic problem. All traffic from the east agonizes through the city. Luckily I'm cyclist.
Along the Traunsee I have beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
Somewhere along the lake, in a park with benches and chairs I have a coffee break with a pretty view on the mountains.

on the west side of Lake Traunsee

< Traunkirchen at Traunsee ^

separate ways

took this picture fromTraunsee in the village Ebensee

I follow the river Traun to Bad Ischl, partly on bike lanes, partly on main roads.
Criss-crossing through Bab-Ischl I have lunch in this spa resort.
Continuing to the Wolfgangsee I have to go mostly on the highway with lot of traffic. You might think that such a tourist center could afford a bike lane, but it hasn't. I'm glad that I can leave the main road at Strobl to a slightly quieter street on the north side of the Lake Wolfgang to St. Wolfgang.

many bike paths in Austria

in the middle of the river Traun

Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl > ^

St. Wolfgang

I take a photo of the well known hotel "White Horse" (Im Weissen Rössl) witch is painted bright red, a bit contradictory. The same goes for the opposite hotel, which is called Black Horse but painted beige.
In the evening, I take a walk through the village and have a look on the schedule of the mountain railway station stand. The little train goes to the mountain top on 1782m. From here you should be able to see the 5 lakes all round.

the White Horse Inn is bright red

and the Black Horse Inn, vis a vis is pink

to read the story, click on the picture

the Wolfgangsee at St. Gilgen

Friday, 10th August --2012 St.Wolfgang - Lofer
Km. 108.25 total 1'776 .86
Height.-722 total ---12'274


Wolfgangsee at St. Gilgen

house with a small bell

on the way to Salzburg

The trail to St. Gilgen is closed to cyclists, the ferry to Abersee begins 9 o'clock, it's too late for me, and I'm used to start between 7am and 8am. I decide to go around the lake.
When the first ferry leaves to Abersee I'm already in St. Gilgen and have breakfast on a terrace in the early morning sun.


built along the rocks (Salzburg)

for the first time I see a street sign for electric mopeds

the Saalach at Bad Reichenhal

and the bridge in Bad Reichenhall

river Saalach

On the way to Salzburg (30km.) I pass Lake Fuschl. Not well known as the Wolfgangsee but just as beautiful. It is a constant up and down.
The Old City of Salzburg is on a hill and from the river Salzach it looks beautiful.
I ask a cyclist if he knows the bike path to Bad Reichenhall. He says; he comes from Siezenheim which lies on the border to Germany on the river Saalach. He accompanies me to the bike path which follows the river to Bad Reichenhall.
In the center of the city I see a shop called North Sea. It is a business chain that is seen often in the FRG. It offers many varieties of North Sea fish. It is lunch time and I do not need to think twice, it's been a while since I tasted seawater fish.
The rest of the afternoon and tomorrow I will follow the Saalach to Zell am See.
I have to cross a small pass which forms the border with Austria.
In front of the restaurant on the campsite in Lofer plays a brass band in national costume. It seems all like the music, they get a big applause.

shortly before Lofer

at the campsite in Lofer

Saturday, 11th August 2012 Lofer - Wald (just before the Gerlospass)
Km. 88.94 total ---1'865 .80
height 514 total ------12'788

the beautiful Tauern bike path

more and more I see little bells on the houses

I cycle non stop the beautiful Tauern cycle path to Zell am See, but I do have to share the last 15 kilometer from Saalfelden on with motorized traffic.
Meanwhile, I have mighty hunger, which I satisfy at a bakery.
I cycle a bit through the holiday resort Zell am See and take a few photo's before I continue.
After a few miles I'm again on the Salzach River, the river that I crossed in Salzburg. The Salzach runs through the valley Pinzgau, which source is on the Gerlos Pass.

very nice but a lot of work

Zell am See town and lake

Pinzgau valley which runs from Zell am See to the Gerlos Pass

we are not so far in Switzerland

In Piesenheim I see a wallet lies on the road. Many cars pass by. I pull quickly my bike to the roadside. With the wallet in my hand I return to my bike and I see that it has tumbled down the slope side of the road. Although the bike with panniers weighs 50 kilo, I can bring it back onto the road without a problem.
In Mittersill I give the wallet with 150 and some change, many credit cards and driver's license at the police station. The cop takes my details and phone number and I continue my journey. In the afternoon, I get a call from the owner who thanks me. She is overjoyed to have her purse again, mainly for the many credit cards and driver's license.

preparing for the weekend-city festival in Mittersill

trout or salmon ^

< for the festival only the best, leather pants

Cycling on I hear a strange noise coming from my bike, have a quick look, but find nothing.
On the camping I take the panniers from the carrier and see what happened. The bolt with which the luggage carrier is attached to the bicycle is broken and a part of the screw is in the thread, and all this on a Saturday afternoon. But I don't want to hang around all Sunday at the campsite.
From the Camping administrator I get a piece of wire. With 3 wires I can fix the luggage carrier to the bike so that it holds until Monday, at least I hope so.

Sunday, 12th August 2012 Wald - Hall
Km. 100.04 total 1'965 .84
Height -911 total ---13'699

Campsite in Wald, start to the Gerlos Pass

up to the Gerlos Pass

the first village is Krimml

the climb increases steadily ^

< Krimmler Waterfall

the falls seen from far away >

It will be turning out whether my temporary repair will bear the heavy load today.
In Krimml 1067m begins the Ascent to the pass on 2039m over 11 Kilometers. The slope is moderate with a 7 to 11% ascent. Several viewpoints are made, which give visibility to the Krimml Waterfalls. To see them from close up it will take a two hour walk, starting point Krimml.

the dam on the Gerlos Pass


the village of Gerlos

church of Gerlos ^

A small waterfall >

a small lake in Gmünd

There are still some clouds hanging on the mountains but on the top of the Gerlos Pass is the sky blue. A group of motorcyclists reach the summit too, make a 5-minute break and are gone; otherwise it is very quiet on this early Sunday morning. A picnic area with tables and benches is available, a good opportunity to enjoy a second breakfast under the sun. Later in the day, I will look for a shady place.
1 km further, on the same level is an artificial lake with fantastic scenery all around.
A nice descent of 900 meters begins. From time to time I have spectacular views to the Zillertal in its whole length. Today the air is very clear.
The descent is steep enough to go down to the highest charging mode. Down at Zell a. Ziller the battery is full again.

it is very steep, nice to watch but hard to work on

view on the Zillertal

A nice place for a picnic lunch, running water and a garbage can

Lot of manual work on the house and in the living room

The Zillertal from Zell a Ziller to Strass, where the Inn valley begins, is about 25 km long. The bike path is partly along the river Ziller. A strong wind blows me in the face. A cyclist tells me when you get to the Inn valley and cycling direction Innsbruck you'll have a tailwind. Can't imagine, but he is right. The wind is so strong that I hardly have to pedal up the Inn valley.
In Schwaz I meet a cyclist who shows me a new bike path that is not yet signposted. We go together till the campsite in Hall.

The Zillertal is lush green, in the east Kitzbühelalps and west the Tuxeralps

I've found out that the bells are a tradition of the Zillertal and its neighboring valleys

small village in the Inn Valley

Schwaz with castle

many brooks make the Inn to a mighty river

Monday, 13th August 2012 Hall - Landeck
Km. 97.73 total --2'063 .57
height 552 total -----1'4251

Hasegg Castle (Mint Tower, Hall Mint). 1809 the last coin was embossed

through this gate I come in the old town of Innsbruck.^

< center of Hall

Innsbruck, the house with the golden roof "Dachel" < ^

The house across with a beautiful facade >

I go on a sightseeing tour into the city center. Cycling very slowly I can have a closer look at everything which interest me. It takes a while until I find the bike path to Innsbruck; it leads to the other side of the railway. I feel a few drops of rain and stop under a bridge where I can put on the pelerine and galoshes. An elderly man also seeks shelter from the coming rain. He says to me: "This is only temporary," and he is right. After 10 km I am on dry streets in Innsbruck

Inn valley

Zisternzienser convent at Stams

the Inn valley becomes narrower. Roppen

a family on their way to the Rechenpass

now and then a signpost to Spain

Before I go into the city, I have breakfast in a bistro and then I'm off looking for the house with the golden roof, the most famous landmark of Innsbruck.
The adjacent and opposite houses have beautiful facades too.
Before the house I see a family from Stuttgart fully equipped for a long bike tour. I'll see them often on the way to Landeck. If I make a picnic they cycle by, and vice versa. And who has set up the tent when I come to the campsite in Landeck? In the evening we have a glass of beer in town to get to known each.

before Landeck the bike path is far away from motorized traffic.

to Landeck only passable for rafters and kayaking

Tuesday, 14th August 2012 Landeck - Feldkirch
Km. ---96.67 total 2'160 .24
Height.1056 total ----15'307

now I cycle direction Arlberpass

right the tunnel, left over the Arlbergpass

following the river Rosanna

Pettneu a. Arlberg


On my map, I see that the difference in height is about 900 meters to the Arlbergpass. I also see that a part is listed with 13%. I have to be economical with the energy of the battery. Once at the top I still have enough of energy in reserve. I could have been more generous with it.

looking back into Stanzer valley

In St. Anton am Arlberg I have lunch break

before the Arlberpass a gallery

the hospice on the pass

the pass belongs to the municipality of Saint Christoph

Arriving the flatter part, the way leads many miles on dirt roads through the woods.
Between Bludenz and Feldkirch the bike paths are asphalted but still through woodland, it is wonderful in this heat. I pass 2 small lakes. A fisherman says he mainly fishes trouts.
The campsite in Feldkirch at 10 including use of swimming pool is surprisingly affordable.

at the summit

Stuben is the first village after the descent

I follow the river Alfenz to Bludenz

between Bludenz and Feldkirch

I'm passing two small lakes, fishermen hope to catch trout

Wednesday, 15th August 2012 Feldkirch - Tuggen (Linthebene)
Km. -82.05 total ------2'242 .29
Height 909 total ---------16'216

along the Rhine, Feldkirch - Haag

ascent to Wildhaus in Toggenburg

in the Rhine valley, between Haag and Gams, I have a a beautiful view of the Alpsteinarea

Near Feldkirch begins the bike path on a dyke along the Rhine. I follow the path up till Haag and turn right to Gams 478m, here begins the ascent to Wildhaus 1090m. In the first corner is a picnic area with views over the Rhine Valley, a fantastic place to have breakfast. I take with me every morning 1 liter of boiling water for instant coffee or soup.
I can even choose a place in the sun or shade. In the early morning the sun feels good.

the climb to Wildhaus

side of the road


shortly before Wildhaus

Toggenburg with Churfirsten left


The climb is only 9 kilometers but indicated with 15% ascent. However on my bike computer I see maximum 13%, my map exaggerated a little bit. With the high temperature today it's nevertheless exhausting.
From Wildhaus on I cycle through the beautiful Toggenburg's valley, on my left side the Churfirsten and on the right the Alpstein. Scattered on the slopes are small communities and individual farms.

each window row has a little roof; you can see that in central Switzerland too

very hilly

a beautiful house in Nesslau



beautiful but much work

In Wattwil I have lunch and leave the Toggenburg's valley to cycle up to the Ricken height.
On the summit I have a beautiful view over the Lake Zurich.
Via Gommiswald and Uznach I cross the Linthkanal. Today is Assumption, so the children don't have to go to school. For this reason, it is teeming with children who swim down the river.
In Tuggen I get warmly welcomed by our friends Kurt and Roswitha.



Linthkanal at Uznach


Thursday 16th August 2012 Tuggen - Bremgarten
Km. --70.93 total -2'313 .22
Height -607 total ----16'823

Last night we had rain, thunder and lightning, and while sitting at the breakfast table, it's still raining. The last drop has fallen after packing. With my pelerine on hand, I say goodbye to Kurt and Roswitha and start the last day of my journey.

after the rain of last night a few clouds over the Linthebene

a lovely evening, slept well and a nice breakfast with my friends

between Oberrieden and the Albis Pass

Lake Zurich for its entire length, taken from the Albis Pass. In the far left is the city of Zürich and right the Obersee.

My way leads along Lake Zurich(400m) till Horgen. I have a last coffee break before cycling up to the Albispass, 791m. Kurt told me it's worthwhile to go over the Albispass.
The view on the top is fantastic. I have a view over the entire Lake Zurich, from the city to the upper lake 38 kilometer.
Via Türlersee I get to the Reuss valley and cycle home to Bremgarten where I started the Austria-tour 25 days ago.

looking back at Langnau

lots of half-timbered houses in the canton of Zurich

after 25 days back home in Bremgarten