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For many years I cycled with a Koga-Miata bike. Of the many thousands of miles I had a puncture only once. On my 70th Birthday, I realized the benefits of an electric assistance bike and bought one. Now I have 3 years of experience with the e-bike without a breakdown and hope many more will follow.

August. 2012

Above the new Cannondale bike with a Bionx Electric Retrofit System, consisting of rear wheel, battery and control display.
Advantage over other systems: First; the motor also serves as a generator. Second; an additional deep support of 35%. (Improved range). Installation takes only a few hours.
If you still have a good bike you can install the Bionx Retrofit System yourself or the bike shop will do it for you.

Coat of arms

Noordwijk a.zee

Born and Raised: January 1940 in Noordwijk aan zee (Holland)


Adopted country of residence is Switzerland since April 1959

Bremgarten AG Switzerland

Place of residence: Bremgarten since 1973

The photo above shows the River Reuss. Source lies is in the Gotthard region and flows via Lake Lucerne through the lower Reuss valley, through Bremgarten, and meets the river Aare at Brugg. After 20 kilometers the Aare meets the Rhine at Koblenz (Switzerland), which, after a long journey through Germany and Holland with name "oude rijn (old Rhine)" flows into the North Sea in Katwijk. 5 km. to the north lays Noordwijk, my birthplace.

A few pictures of Bremgarten available here

Sporty side, since 1991 tour-cycling. Previously whitewater kayaking